Welcome to the Craig Lower School

Welcome! In 1980, The Craig School embarked on a mission: to provide the best education for children with learning disabilities so as to maximize their learning potential. As educators, we recognized that there was little opportunity available in the community for students with learning disabilities, and that there was a need for such a school.

I have had the privilege of participating in the growth and development of this school since its inception, as well as the joy of educating and in many cases changing the course of our children’s lives. The school has truly been a meaningful and compelling growth experience for all involved.

I encourage you to explore The Craig School Web site. I invite you to share our pride in the programs and our children’s accomplishments.

Janet M. Cozine
Director, The Craig Lower School

We cannot express with words how grateful we are to all of the staff at Craig Perhaps, like many of us parents, you’re thinking if the Craig School is the right school for your son or daughter. It’s very hard and painful to see how our children hated to go to school, to see how […]