Related Services

  • Speech and Language
    Speech and Language is offered individually or in small group sessions with our on-campus
    speech pathologists. This program provides our students with evidence-based strategies that
    are directly related to the curriculum as well as real life that builds their communication skills and
    strengthens their self-awareness and self-esteem in the process. The Speech and Language
    Program connects and supports other areas by collaboration with teachers and other
    professionals, providing push-in classroom services and attending parent teachers conferences.
    The Speech and Language Program utilizes strategies like Visualizing and Verbalizing and apps
    that specifically target this area.


  • Occupational Therapy
    Occupational therapy can lead to benefits for The Craig School students, especially for children
    with learning and attentional difficulties. Our on-campus occupational therapists, from P.G.
    Chambers School in Cedar Knolls, work with students in a private therapy setting or they push-
    in to the classroom and recommend sensory tools for the students who have difficulties focusing
    in the classroom. Occupational therapists use strategies, interventions, adaptations and
    innovative techniques to improve a student’s fine motor skills, motor coordination, visual
    perceptual skills, executive functioning skills and sensory processing skills. Therapists consult
    with teachers; observe in various classrooms, during lunchtime, recess time and in gym class in
    order to provide strategies so that the students can succeed.