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Interview with Alum Andrew Best

Head of School, Tad Jacks recently met Andrew Best. As of this note in late 2016 Andrew is a college student at Marist College. Andrew attended Craig until the end of 8th grade.  Tad asked Andrew to reflect upon his experiences and what information Andrew felt could be helpful to others to learn about Craig, as well as general advice as you approach and attend college.


Mr. Jacks: Describe a skill that you learned at Craig?


Andrew Best:


A skill that I learned from Craig was the ability to be organized and work efficiently in groups. To this day I use the knowledge and skills my teachers have taught me to work properly in group environments. This skill especially comes in handy. Since, I am on the path of becoming an Elementary school teacher which includes a lot of group work.


Craig School not only prepared me academically but also mentally. Through the amazing and supportive teachers, I was able to overcome my troubles with reading and math (Building much needed confidence). The use of a supportive teaching style mixed with helpful technology allowed me to grow and become the young man I am today. 


Mr. Jacks: What advice would you give our students about what else a student needs to think about before going to college?


Andrew Best:


When planning for college it is good to load up your portfolio with sports, clubs, and volunteer work. Make the college see how hardworking and unique you are. Also, when it comes to interviews just be yourself. Tell them your plans, and what you want to be when you grow up.


Sports are a major factor in my life. During high school I joined the cross-country team and went to states twice. In college I got on the division 1 Rowing team and competed against Ivy leagues. That all started when I began playing soccer for Craig. Not only do sports make friends but they also create an outlet for all that extra energy. I can honestly say I have done better academically when doing sports. It has helped me become more time organized and helps me focus.


Mr. Jacks: As you think about how you think about education now that you are in college?


Andrew Best:


When going forward with your education it most likely will be harder for you, due to your Learning Differences. Don't let that discourage you, many great visionaries, leaders, and humans have had to deal with LD. Albert Einstein said, "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity".  He had dyslexia.  General Patton said, "Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory" He also had an LD. All that extra hard will pay off in the end and you will be better off for it.


What do Alumni of Craig Middle School or Craig High School say about Craig

Tad Jacks, Head of School asked three students in March 2015, who had attended The Craig School, to reflect on their experience as a student and answer three questions about the skills, the teachers who had an influence on them, and words they would use to describe Craig to others. The respondents were Samantha Algieri, a graduate of Craig High School and Drew University; Daniel Shapiro, a graduate from our 8th grade, and now attending Union Catholic High School; and Andrew Zesk, a graduate of Craig High School and Misercordia University. Click here to read their conversation.

Badger Athletic Hall of Fame

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