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The Craig School Introduces the new Reeth-Furlong Gymnasium

The Craig School Lower and Middle School, in Mountain Lakes, opened the 2016-17 school year with a completely refurbished and renovated gymnasium, and with a new name- The Reeth - Furlong Gymnasium. Craig was the recipient of a major financial gift from The Reeth Family, who have significant ties to the school, and made this wonderful addition possible. There are new bleachers to hold the student body, new backboards, refinished floors, equipment cages, an electronic scoreboard, and a vibrant color scheme that incorporates the school colors of red and black. Those who see the gym will note that the School's mascot, the Badger, is proudly painted at center court of the full scale basketball court.
“This space is really more than a gymnasium” says Tad Jacks, Head of the Craig School. “It is an extension of the academic and skills building curriculum that has been so impactful on students at Craig. Students like the daughter of our donors thrived in this classroom, and it complimented her reading and math classrooms to aid in her development 10 years ago.”
Mr. Reeth explains, "My wife and I are confident that the leadership of the Craig school and the truly dedicated teachers will put our donation to great use to benefit the kids. They will not only provide the unique education these kids need but will also do so while restoring their self-esteem which , for a child with learning challenges , can be life changing. “
” I am so pleased with how this wonderful space has turned out, and the possibilities that it presents. It is amazing and fitting that we are able to begin here, in what is something so central to our program-getting students to try new things and instilling confidence.” Chris Coates, Board President at Craig School tells us.
“I cannot thank the Reeth family enough for being the pioneers and spearheading our campaign. Thanks for making this day and the days to come possible.”

Craig purchased the Mountain Lakes facility in late 2015. This project represents the initial renovations for the school, with the gift from the Reeth Family allowing for such a significant first step. A master plan for the campus was established earlier this year, which calls for further developing classroom space to help students with Dyslexia and related academic learning disabilities. The renovations, to be funded by a capital campaign, include a science lab, technology teaching areas, and other related arts oriented spaces are planned. Future plans call for redeveloping the library and Orton reading instruction wing in Henderson Hall, one of two academic buildings.
The Craig School was founded in 1980 as a school for children with learning disabilities. The Craig School is built on the foundation that students will thrive if the right environment, strategies and supports are made available to them, including specialized instruction in a structured, small group atmosphere. The school’s program features proven, research-based learning strategies including multi-sensory approaches, assistive technology and organizational skills.
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