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Notes from the Chairman - Winter 2017

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Holiday season, and has settled nicely into 2017.
For Craig, Alumni Week is always a great way to kick things off, and this year was no exception. The High School Grad Panel brings back alumni to talk about their experiences both in college and beyond, and to walk the halls and reconnect with their faculty friends. The Alumni Basketball game does the same in a more casual setting, with a fun chance to use and showcase the wonderful new Reeth-Furlong gym. It was a very festive evening, with the added opportunity to give tours to highlight what we are planning for in the next phase for the second floor renovations.

December brought the NJAIS (New Jersey Association of Independent Schools) Visiting Committee to our campuses, to conduct our Self Study Assessment, which occurs every 10 years. While we await the final report on recommendations regarding best practices and potential areas for improvement, the initial feedback was that it was a great experience for both sides. The Visiting Committee commented on Craig being a great family, with tremendous focus on the programs and children in our care, and the time spent and feedback provided a great opportunity for us to reflect on what we do and how we do it. Several of our Trustees and Mr. Jacks also attended the annual NJAIS Trustee Enrichment Day, hosted this year at Far Hills CDS, on Saturday, January 21, which was an added opportunity for continued learning.
Regarding the aforementioned renovations, the plan is on target to start work on the second floor in the Spring. We are in the midst of getting all of the approvals, finalizing the construction plans based on the architectural drawings, and of course, locking down the contractual arrangements with the contractor. A lot of activity behind the scenes, which will soon enough turn into visible activity on the facility. It will be fantastic to have the next phase of our renovations in place for the next school year!
As always, I welcome your feedback. All my best.

Chairman, Board of Trustees

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