Alumni Speech from Jenni Shaw

Standing up here today I can remember my speech from when I graduated Craig in 2009.
Which starting with
Former Indian Prime Minister, Nayru once said, ‘Time is not measured by the passing of years, but by what one does, what one feels, and what one achieves.”
I could go on and on because I still have the speech memorized but I will spare you.

Good afternoon everyone my name is Jennifer Shaw and I stand before you as a girl that came into the Craig family in seventh grade, I am now a senior at mountain lakes high school about to graduate in a few days.

Before I came to Craig I was a student that could not read but somehow kept passing. No teacher understood what my needs were and because I was not a disruption to the classroom environment I easily slipped through the cracks.

Craig was the first positive learning experience I had ever had, it was the first time I understood what was being taught in a classroom.
I was not only taught the skills I needed to become a more successful student I was also given the confidence I needed to become my own advocate, being able to express to others what my needs were.

During my two years here at Craig I was a peer leader, homework helper, and elected class President. I have also volunteered and worked as a counselor at the summer camp for the past 4 years and look forward to being there this year.

In high school, with this new confidence, I became a peer leader for the incoming freshman classes. I was also able to challenge myself with honors and AP classes and I am now graduating as a member of the national honor society.

I am attending Marist College in the fall. I plan on majoring in elementary education with a duel certification in psychology and special education. In hopes to make a difference in some kids life just like the difference that has been made in my own thanks to the Craig teachers.
Lastly, my advice to you all, the graduating class, some I have known sense your fourth grade year,

Do your homework!
Embrace assistive technology!
Always go to your teachers for extra help!!!
Never be afraid to challenge yourself!
Believe in yourself!
And remember
You may leave Craig but Craig will never leave you!

Thank you