Craig Conversations Fall ’17

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At the start of the school year, I am always energized to champion new initiatives to help Craig thrive.

  • Did you know that each Fall we welcome 23-26 new students at the start of the year, and by the end of the year another 12-15 have joined us? That means approximately 25-30% of our students are new in one school year and over two years- one-half of our students have only been with us for twenty-four months or less. A testament to our community for the welcoming attitude – I believe.

  • Did you know that our six new teaching spaces in the Wilson Building have specially designed features to support student learning? Soundproofed rooms (almost)! Intentional teaching areas with different floor coverings, Hokki stools, rocking desk chairs, yoga ball chairs, stand-up desks and natural and research-based color selections are the mainstay of our improved space.
  • Did you know that our partnership with the Lakeland Hills YMCA broadens our community involvement and helps us improve the lives of Mountain Lakes residents?

Last Fall, I wrote that the Visiting Committee of educators associated with New Jersey Association of Independent Schools and the Middle States Associations of Colleges and Schools would come to campus to help us in self-improvement, as part of our continuing accreditation. As an accredited school, we are required to submit an Action Plan. That has occurred. This year, our faculty and staff will review each of the recommendations from the Visiting Committee. Each recommendation will be reviewed closely on both campuses, and in most cases, with faculty from both campuses coming together every six weeks or so during the school year to address some curriculum item(s).

TAD JACKS, Head of School


The CHS “Stepping Out” program is a monthly facilitated social opportunity for CHS students to get together with their fellow classmates and friends outside of school for a fun and dynamic event/activity. The students of CHS come from various counties throughout New Jersey so, for some, the opportunity to get together outside of school can be a challenge. Our Stepping Outs address that challenges. During the course of the school year, we traditionally hold 9-10 “Stepping Out” events. Examples of past Stepping Outs include professional sporting events, white water rafting, miniature golf, shows and dinner theatre, the drive-in, trampoline park, snow, and tubing just to name a few. These events are suggested, researched and voted on by our students.


Each year CHS holds a start-of-the-school-year Annual Boonton Pizza Taste-Off where CHS students and teachers decide which Boonton Pizzeria is the official Pizzeria of CHS for the school year. We held our taste off the first Friday of the school year and each student and teacher tried a slice from Vinnie’s, Pasquale’s, and Roma’s Pizzerias. When the dough settled and the votes were counted, Roma’s Pizza took the crown this year edging out Pasquale’s by 2 votes. Congrats to Roma’s Pizza of Boonton!

Some of our amazing and adventurous CHS students. For the first time in our school history, four young ladies of CHS will be part of the BHS cheerleading squad. CHS Senior Sophie Spina, Junior Victoria McHugh, and Freshmen Shian Ingram and Malya McHugh have been practicing with their new squad twice a week in preparation for the weekend BHS football games. With the support of BHS Cheerleading Coach, Mrs. Comer and the awesome BHS cheerleading squad, our girls are ready to cheer the Bombers to victory this season!



A big CHS thanks goes out to the CHS National Honor Society members for helping to facilitate this year’s BHS blood drive. CHS Seniors Emma Rogers and Matt Mee and Junior David Altman helped check donors in and provided passes for students to get back to class. In addition to our NHS, we had a few CHS students and teacher donors who volunteered to give blood to support the cause. We want to thank Senior Zack Rossignol, Senior Emma Rogers and Junior Natasha Kelsey. And finally the biggest thanks of all goes out to Nurse Tucci for all of her behind-the-scenes work to make this event the success that it was and for the TLC that she offered each and every donor. When all was said and done, BHS set a school record and collected 26 pints!