Notes from the Chairman Fall 2017


Before discussing the upcoming year, we need to recognize Chris Coates for his years of service as Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Chris helped to guide us through some of our most exciting times in school history and worked tirelessly as Chair to improve every aspect of Craig. We thank him for his service and are lucky that he has agreed to remain a Board member. I intend to rely on him a great deal during my time as Chairman.
By way of introduction, I have served on the Board for the past two years. My son, Giacomo, has been a student at Craig since the fourth grade. He is now entering the eighth grade and his time at Craig has been amazing. I know first-hand the impact that Craig has on our children. The primary focus during my time as Chair will be to give our students and teachers the necessary tools to continue Craig’s tradition of excellence.
The renovations to our Lower/Middle School campus this past year have been remarkable. We will open the doors to six new classrooms in Wilson Hall, including a state of the art science room and STEM lab. We have upgraded our technology program with more students using portable devices across all grades, and more shared experiences that we believe enhances learning and cooperation. We are also looking forward to new projects this year and hope to have an announcement soon on what’s in store for our campus.
At Craig High, we continue to strengthen our relationship with Boonton High to include more electives and extracurricular activities. Dr. Cap has done an amazing job helping Boonton High School understand our strength as a partner, and he intends to carry forward many more ideas to partner with Boonton so that our High School will continue to grow.
I was lucky enough to recently meet with our teachers to kick off the school year. The renovations to our campus have been terrific but they never will outshine the dedication, skill and results that Craig’s teachers bring to our children. We truly appreciate their efforts and the countless hours they devote to make Craig a premier center of learning. I thank them and look forward to working with them to deliver the highest quality education to our students.
I am sure that I will meet many of you at our school events throughout the year but please feel free to reach out to me with any ideas for our school.

Chairman, Board of Trustees Frank