Communication Ladders

Craig Lower/Middle School Parent-Teacher Communication Ladder                                                         

The Craig School Communication Ladder provides to you, our parents, the most direct and efficient way to address concerns, gather information and facilitate dialogues between home and school.  Please do not hesitate to touch base with us.  We are a team of parents and educators who share one goal, the success of your child.  So if there is a question, we want to be part of the answer.

Academic concerns/questions specific to a class subject and grade

Email:    Classroom Teacher                        CC:        Department Head/Program Leader & Ms. Cozine


Academic Program concerns/questions in a content area

Email:    Department Head/Program Leader           CC:        Mrs. Cozine


Social concerns/question specific to a classroom setting

Email:    Classroom Teacher                     CC: Ms. O’Connor(grades 2-6)
  Ms. Edwards (grades 6-8)
  Mr. Furlong (All Grades)

General Communication Guidelines

  • By CC’ing designated Craig faculty and administration, we will be better able to collaboratively address questions/concerns effectively and follow up more thoroughly.
  • Please allow a 24 hour window for responses to emails during the school week. Weekend/Vacation emails will be responded to after the first day of our return. 
  • If your email begins to exceed the three to five paragraph range, use the email communication ladder to set up a phone conversation/follow up.
  • Our list of faculty names is located on our website under about us.