Periodically, I have a conversation with someone who reminds me of a past Wednesday Thoughts that should be shared again. I am keenly aware that each year over one-third of our community are brand new to Craig. So here is an entry from about two years ago. I have modified it a bit reflect some changes since then, both on campus and beyond. I hope you enjoy.

I have been thinking about the power of visual art and music. I am so happy on our Mountain Lakes campus we have created over 38 linear feet of “gallery space’ in the Cafeteria (Multi-Purpose Room) for the work that Mrs. Caparulo helps our students create. It is marvelous and showcasing the art in his space has had many benefits for our students. At Craig High School, Mrs. Tartaglia has greatly expanded our art offerings in the last year. Also, take a moment to look up the Instagram account- craigartstudio.  I think you will enjoy.  Many of us, adult or of school age, have great opinions about music. Soon in Mountain Lakes, we will have drumming back at Craig for the cycle. I am aware of the students who are taking music lessons in and out of school- usually on the guitar. It would be nice to be able to do more. Music is important to a youngster’s life. Let me know how music affects your life. I would like to share it with our students.