Asking for what you need

A couple of years ago, I wrote an end of school year Wednesday Thoughts about the importance of asking for what you want and more importantly for what you need is a skill that we teach our students. I hope we are reaching our students on this message. Our school is built around teaching skills.  It is a learned skill to find the courage and the words to ask for what you need.  Are we doing that consistently?  We need to hear from our work colleagues what we need from them to do our jobs efficiently. We need to hear it from our friends and family. We need to hear it from anyone we are in touch with daily.   How often do you tell your children that they need to ask their teachers for help? I firmly believe that this skill cannot be practiced enough.   We are coming to  last several weeks when our students may not be with their teachers daily (the summer break is coming soon) so I ask parents to think about what messages you should be giving to your children about preparing for summer “work”. Craig assigns to our students what they are expected to work on during the summer, but each child has their own learning style, and the more  a student can personalize the question about what they think they need from their teachers- the better.  A good question for the summer months when school is not in session as often could be “Mrs. X, what should I be working on specifically this summer?” In other words, ask for direction and ask for what you need to grow.