There is one month of the school year I find difficult. It is February. Let me explain why. First, wherever I have worked- warm or cold climates- it is winter (since I have only worked in the Northern Hemisphere). Second, in New Jersey, there are unexpected disruptions- snow days. Snow days are enjoyable on one level, but upsetting to schedules, since research tells us most people like a routine. Third, we are now a few weeks past the time of the religious holidays and celebration of the New Year. The joy and euphoria have worn off a bit. Spring break is a bit too far away.  Fourth, at school, we are confined to indoor activities too much. Again, if you have read my blogs- I am a huge fan of outside activity. I am delighted that our ski program in grades 2-8(with our Craig High School student helpers) helps our students get outside more than at most schools. Fifth, February is the month of sickness and the colds that take over. I could write more, but why,

This said about February, there are some positive aspects. First, Valentine’s Day is a day of love and respect. Let’s face it, we need more of it in our world. Second, it is the birthday month of one of my heroes- Abraham Lincoln and our first President, George Washington. Each February, I read something new about these important leaders. In closing, let us all make February a month when we spend extra time looking for the positive in all people.