In the care

I hope all of the readers of my Wednesday Thoughts had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I did. I drove a considerable distance to be with some of my family. While driving north into New York state before Thanksgiving, I was struck by the starkness of the landscape in the darkness at 5 pm. On Sunday, on a similar route, and at the same time, I noticed a brightness of lights. Yes, the warm air of the weekend, made it possible for households to put up the December holiday lights. It was remarkably different than four days before.

I know many of our students see in pictures. This is a trait of a dyslexic student and a student who has trouble with words, reading, and even attentional issues. December is a particularly picture driven month. Many families display their favorite holiday decorations. Families often mail to family and friends “the family portrait” and the visual tools we use daily- televisions, computer screens, and smartphones have multiple images of the joys of the season.

I hope our students recognize something that is less visually apparent. I hope they realize their parents are focused on helping them succeed.  It is hoped each student knows that at school we recognize that our students work hard to learn. We know that learning takes much effort. During this time of year of giving and joy, I will remind our students that they have much to be joyful for as they are also in the care of their teachers- adults who give and care for their wellbeing. May this be a wonderful time of year for all members of the Craig family.