Summer learning loss

This is the time of year when many parents look ahead to summer activities for their youngsters. I have advocated structured, consistent, and regular academic instruction for students in the summer and for balance, time for students to explore other interests or passions in the summer months. Craig provides a balanced school day in July for our students- mixing academic structure with afternoon recreation.

Some families have asked about why this is important and want the researched answers to the importance of the ‘extended school day’. I have worked in schools where “summer learning loss”  is evident the first few weeks of school, and with students with language based learning disabilities, the loss can seem more significant.  There are numerous articles on this topic. I encourage you to take a look at them as your child may question why they need to go to school during what are the traditional summer months and their friends or siblings do not or choose not to attend. I hope the information helps you with easing your child’s anxieties about school continuing this summer.