Who cares if you make a mistake?   We are a culture that does not tolerate mistakes. I am sorry we have come to the place we are now. The saying ” You learn the most when you make a mistake” is not being acknowledged as much  and it is disheartening to me. For example, I recently was with the Heads of schools in New Jersey. Our presenter, a school head, was explaining a process she does with her faculty every month. It is a process of seeking feedback, which most of us who are school heads do informally and one on one. Her process is broader, where several people are asked a series of questions. The result of this process for this school head has been a focus on what went wrong- rather than what went right. I was not surprised when I heard the results. I was saddened.  I hope that we can move to a culture where mistakes can be acknowledged and affirmed.  How liberating it would be to say more often” I messed up. Let us work together to get better”.