Every day at school we help students learn skills to help with their learning challenges. Our objective is to prepare students for education beyond The Craig School. We have our organizational systems, we have our point systems, we have Homework Help, we have high school Morning and Afternoon support, and we have many conferences between teachers and their students; teacher and parent to advance learning. We model behavior. We show and explain how others have navigated the world.   Some examples are what historians have labeled ‘profiles of courage’.  At Craig, our students exhibit courage every day as they face how to learn and advocate with their learning disability. Students show their courage to their teachers, and their teachers   help them become successful.  Last summer, I read an article about one of the first Commissioners of the Professional Golf Tour, Deane Beman .

This is the sports organization in which professional golfers Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and now stars such as Jordan Spieth compete.   Mr. Beman wrote” Golf is a microcosm of the real world. “Life isn’t perfect and no golf round is, either. Overcoming failure, and being able to strategically develop a plan to start the next day with a clean scorecard, is the essence of a successful life.”  I took this message to heart. I hope our all members of the Craig family think about taking this approach to each day.