Searching for significance

I am sure many of you get various newsletters that inspire you. I have a couple that I look forward to receiving. Often the content helps me focus on what I am going to share here. Recently, one of the newsletters had the title of “Searching for Significance”. The author was writing about his work life and reflecting on it. His column made me think that students with learning disabilities are always searching for significance. Learning is hard, and knowing exactly what Knowing that they need to work on is a hard job.  At the same time, our students and students in schools like ours are wanting to be recognized for the gifts they have. Are we doing the best to help them feel significant? Are we giving them the skills to soar? Are we holding them back on becoming significant in their mind’s eye? “They have not been on this planet that long” ( a favorite expression of one our school leaders) and  we need to help them find their “ islands of competence” , and expression coined by Dr. Robert Brooks.   Are we all of us kids find our significance?