Spring Planning

There are times when we need to stop and realign ourselves so we can do better in the future. The start of Spring Break in schools is one of those times.

I have a habit of reading for a couple more hours per day during Spring Break. Understood.org along with the writings of Dr. Robert Brooks and Susan Cain, will be some of my reading during our Spring Break next week.  I ask our families to remember how the websites and the writers are so helpful to our students and your children. At school, when we return on both campuses, there is a focused attitude about what we want to accomplish in the last several weeks of school. For our faculty and staff, I will be working with others as we continue to wrap up this year’s discussions and plans on the sequencing of curriculums, which is a continuous process. Our Action plan, as part of our latest accreditation process, is also high on our agenda, so that we are ready to document measured action steps for the start of the next school.

At the same time, schoolwide events are on the horizon. It is not too early to confirm that you will attend our Auction on May 5. This annual event pulls together the Craig family. Please plan to join us.   Let us hope for a wonderful April. Go forth and challenge your thinking, you self and enjoy the times you have with your family.