Teaching and thanking teachers

As we approach the last month or so of this school year, I began thinking about a Wednesday Thoughts entry I wrote a couple of years back. I reread it, so today I am going to add some of what I wrote then as new thinking has evolved. I have read few times now, Parker J. Palmer’s book” The Courage to Teach” about why people choose to teach, particularly in school settings. This book continues to resonate for me. My entire professional life has been working in colleges or schools.  Parker. Palmer” Teachers choose their vocations for reasons of the heart, because they care deeply about their students and their subject.”  As Head of School, I see this “heart” daily. My job is to nurture it, but honestly, the students we teach nurture the adults. This is why we teach. It is true our teachers help our students as they bring their wonderful ideas to us and we help them to learn to read, to shape their writing, to help them get into a state to be able to learn (ie. Mindfulness) and to help them navigate the complex social world that is part of growing up.  Your students may have told you that often when I am with a group of students, I remind them to “thank their teachers”.  I hope that teachers are thanked often. It helps to support why they chose a profession that is supported by “reasons of the heart”.