The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees establishes priorities for the school.  The Board of Trustees have a fiduciary duty to the School, establish governing policy, and work closely with the Head of School. I work with the Administrative team at school to bring ideas to them, and ultimately the Board’s job is to determine what should become policy.

The Board of Trustees at Craig is dedicated to making our school the best it can be. There are over 85-member schools of the New Jersey Association of Independent Schools governed by the Board of Trustees. To be an effective board (beyond the fiduciary and policy job), there are annual tasks which include interviewing prospective Board members ( Craig has a minimum of 13 Board members), maintain a list of professions or skills that would add value to the Board, mentor new board members, perform annual self-evaluations, and a myriad of other tasks that help reach objectives important for the School.

In this month of appreciation (remember what February can be from last week) , let us acknowledge our board members for their wisdom and time. The Board of Trustees are extremely important to the lifeblood of our school. I thank them for their continued support and dedication.