The value of interruptions

I wrote the following Wednesday Thoughts during the March 21 snow. Nobody wanted this snow day. Most students told me that on Thursday when we returned.  This storm inspired me to think about interruptions. Interruptions (times when you are doing something and something else takes its place) is usually considered annoying. At times is can be enlightening. Let me explain why in a story. Yesterday, (remember I wrote this on March 21), one of our wonderful professionals at school and I were looking for box of materials that had been misplaced. We walked around the campus and did not find it. We stopped in my office to say good- bye and concluded the box would eventually turn up. For some reason the discussion turned to how we got into the school “business”. She began to explain. I was fascinated because although she was an arts teacher early in her career, her interest became more on the student services side- non-academic (not as a teacher) , or  non- business. After learning about that, she asked me about my stand-up desk, and how I liked it, and would I recommend it.  I then starting to talk about other insights I have learned about myself as I have worked at the desk. I told her, I thought I did my best thinking standing up. She said that she had never worked at a stand-up desk. She wanted to try because recently she determined that she wanted to return to writing professional articles and she had a writer’s block. The discussion about changing a routine to get to another goal morphed into why we never know if what we are sharing with others is making a difference. This is a constant worry that I have and one that many others probably have. My takeaway is that having interruptions is not necessarily bad, but probably like snow days, you want to keep the interruptions to a minimum.