Time to get out of doors- it is Spring!

It is that time of the year I feel the need to remind all of us about getting outside to play. This is for both children and adults. Why am I obsessed by this topic? Why do I tend to write about it about every two- three months?

First, in other Wednesday Thoughts I have written about Richard Louv, author of “Last Child in the Woods” who has been on a crusade to make sure our young people have enough time to spend in nature. He is concerned that kids do not have any sense of the wonders of nature. He knows the research about not having a “nature diet” does to a person’s health. He does not directly talk about the relationship between anxiety or ADD or ADHD and his passion for telling people to get outside and enjoy nature, but for most of us in schools, we believe there is a cause and effect relationship.   Second, I recently read more about the devastation in Puerto Rico after the storms that hit last Fall. I read about how tourism was coming back with the focus on the economics of the developed spaces, and I read far too little about how the environment had been affected forever. I wonder whether our kids, who spend more time online and in the electronic world than anyone expected, even five years ago, will as adults, be able to fight for what the outside world needs? Time to get out of doors to enjoy the Spring and Summer months ahead.