For the last few years, we have posted on The Craig School Facebook page the weekly Understood.org entries. All of them are focused on students with learning disabilities, and they are intended to help parents on their journey to help their youngster become more confident and thrive, despite the learning disability that they think defines them. We know differently. A few months back, I was reading one of the posts and I thought about it repeatedly, as it is what we hear about, first in the Admission Office, but then in the specific meetings with the parents interested in enrolling our students. I have copied one of the posts from a few months back.

“I want to help him, but I’m not sure what else to do. He’s giving up.”

A parent of a child with reading issues is concerned about his self-esteem. “He often gets frustrated and gives up, then calls himself stupid He’s actually very smart and usually loves to laugh and make people laugh.” Have you been there?”

I know this is not new to any of the readers of this blog or to the members of our school community.  It is my hope that each one of us, during Dyslexia Awareness Month, help parents that we meet to know that there is a solution, and of course, it is at Craig. In the event that parents have not learned about Understood.org, please introduce them to our website, so that they will learn about Craig as well as this organization who is doing a fabulous job of educating and helping parents of students with learning disabilities.