The value of unorganized play is underestimated.  Every morning we have Morning Gym on our campus in Mountain Lakes, before the official start of the school day. On Wednesday mornings, I lead and chaperone the Morning Gym activities. There are many reasons for this activity before our students sit down for school, but often I am struck with how students fall into unexpected positive free play, and all we have done is give them the four walls.  Recently, some of the participants wanted to kick a soccer ball against the cement wall and then kick it again. Soon this developed into a student becoming the goalie. Next, it developed into passing. Finally, the game developed into shooting and passing.  One might say this activity is not special. I think any free play activity is remarkable, and in this case, these were 3rd and 4th-grade students and a couple of them told me they had never kicked a soccer ball before. What had happened?  I am not sure, but it was magical to see students try something they had not before, with no guidance from an adult.