Working in quiet or not

I work well in quiet.  Sometimes I listen to music in the background, and rarely with earphones. Sometimes I work with people coming in and out of my office and get prompted to think about something different because of the human contact.  My job is to lead, help, and inspire others. To do my best work, there cannot be one way of working.  I guess I am not picky in how I work. What I do like to do is to work.  I embrace what presents itself. Have you talked with your youngster how you like to work? Have you modeled for them what works for you so they know how you like to work? I think most parents want their children to find how to like work. Our children do learn from observation. When our daughter was young, I would work from 6 -8:30 am or so every Sunday morning and she only saw me at my desk for a short period of time, because when she came into my spare bedroom “office” I would usually stop working and attend to her.  I figured with the discipline I had with my work schedule, that even if I was not done with the tasks on my list when she presented herself- I would eventually get them done.   Therefore, for years, she saw a pattern of how I worked. It was visible.

Recently, a student and I talked about his parents never being home. I asked why “He said, they are always working” I wish for this student, that besides their modeling of hard work, they show the student how they work and make it visible. Students need visible models- particularly our students with language-based learning differences. It does not matter if a child watches other work in quiet, music, or in other ways, but they get the opportunity to see work in the most visible ways.