I read an extensive article about how writing improves the brain and helps a person heal. Last month, with a couple of crisis situations that dominated the news, might have been a good time to write about this topic, but I chose to reflect, rather than react. Now I know why I tend to gravitate writing this entry every week. Yes, it does make me think beyond my normal school schedule of meetings and resulting administrative action.

“With way too much chaos and craziness in the world, writing is a way to try to make sense of things that make no sense” states Debbie Hampton in her newsletter “The Best Brain Possible with Debbie Hampton”.  She writes “  When we don’t know what else to do, putting words on paper feels tangible, real- at least we are doing something”

As I think about what we need to do to help our students on so many fronts, our teachers have our students write often- albeit not long at times. I applaud them for their consistency, whether it is helping our students learn additional vocabulary in Math, or in LA or English, addressing it in brainstorming, quick writes, essays or other opportunities where learning vocabulary is important.   These exercises help improve the brain.

On an unrelated note, since we will not be in school next Wednesday, I hope that all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I look forward to seeing so many of our friends at Grandfriends’ Day and I am thankful to everyone for their contributions to this day of celebration in our Lower and Middle School.