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As educators of students with exceptionalities, The Craig School celebrates students’ strengths and competencies, acknowledges that students sometimes learn differently than their peers, and provides a thorough, well-rounded, robust educational program suited to their unique challenges and strengths. 

This blog is both a celebration of students with exceptionalities as well as a resource for parents, educators, and maybe even our students themselves, to learn a bit more about programs, services, and research specific to students in grades 2-12 with language-based learning disabilities.

Be Exceptional!

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Fluency, the gateway to reading comprehension at The Craig School
Reading comprehension provides a path for our students to identify simple facts presented in texts; make judgments or evaluate the contents of texts; and finally, connect one text to other texts or situations. Simply, reading comprehension allows our students to make meaning from what they read. Structured literacy programs, such as what we provide at […]
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The Importance of STEM Education for Students with Exceptionalities
“[Students with dyslexia]...think differently. They are intuitive and excel at problem solving, seeing the big picture, and simplifying. They feast on visualizing, abstract thinking, and thinking out of the box. They are…inspired visionaries” (Shaywitz, 2003).    These words from Dr. Sally Shaywitz, Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity and author […]
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R.A.C.E.: A Strategy for Reading and Writing Success
Written By Janet M. Cozine- The Craig School LS/MS Director   One of the most commonly used reading and writing strategies at The Craig School is R.A.C.E., a design that helps our students support their written responses with evidence from the text.  R: Restate the question A: Answer the question C: Cite the text to […]
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“Open a World of Possible…”
  Simply put, books are powerful. They provide opportunities for imagination, discovery, deep thinking and learning, and may even lead to truly transformative experiences. Our students have a complex history with the power of the printed word. For some, the frustration is so palpable that books begin to be viewed as a roadblock they wish […]
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Strategies to Support Working Memory 
At The Craig School, we speak often about our goal to foster independent learners. Part of this process requires a closer examination of our students’ needs and the compensatory strategies, interventions, or instructional strategies central to creating an environment conducive to their most optimal growth. This week, I turn our attention to working memory and […]
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The Many Benefits of Strengths-Based IEPs
Individualized education programs that focus on learner competencies enhance student growth and increase parental involvement.
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T-CARE Special Edition
Teachers Connecting to Advance Retention and Empowerment. In the Spring of 2020, T-CARE offered its first special edition, one with the theme of Teaching, Leaming, and Working in a Remote Environment. In my editorial, I shared that “Many wrote in and, based on the responses, we created a new section for this issue only: Reflections […]
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Exploring School Experiences of Teenagers with ADHD for Improved Connection and Learning
Introduction & Rationale Background Teens with ADHD experience greater levels of academic impairment than students without ADHD.  Academic enablers, non-cognitive skills and behaviors, like study skills, engagement, motivation, and interpersonal skills are essential components to optimal academic attainment.  For students with ADHD, these skills tend to be underdeveloped.  This study explored the attitudes, thoughts, and […]
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