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Sustainability at The Craig School

As a New Jersey Association of Independent Schools( NJAIS) accredited school, we accept the responsibility to pursue the best practices espoused by the Association and to promote and support members of our Craig family with an attitude of environmental responsibility. We should also embrace sustainable practices on campus and most importantly promote student learning of environmental sustainability in our classrooms and on campus. As a member of the Mountain Lakes community, we are blessed with many natural resources, beautiful surroundings, and our student population needs to understand where their community fits as a part of a wider world.

We are becoming more environmentally aware and a more responsible school, particularly as we have begun ownership of our campus since 2015. We seem to create more green initiatives each year. Our clubs and cross-curricular discussions connect to our physical world and the sustainability efforts so important as we strive to create responsible citizens.

With the expansion of our facilities, we have concentrated our efforts on:

  • Higher efficiency in building heating and cooling systems
  • LED Lightening Throughout
  • Green Roofing System
  • Tinted Windows

The Craig School has also worked to reduce our carbon footprint within the school.

  • Paperless Communications
  • Digital Grading Systems
  • Toner-Printer Recycle Programs

The Craig School has introduced and completed programs with our students to help create
awareness and understand the personal role we each play in sustainability.

  • Creating an Outdoor Classroom
  • Indoor and Outdoor Gardens
  • Trek Recycling Program
  • Art Repurposing Program
  • Designated Wildlife Sanctuary

Cross Curriculum Integration to teach responsible practices both in and out of The Craig School.


  • Diversity and the needs of plants and animals
  • The study of how organisms are affected
  • Impacts of weather-related hazards
  • Minimizing human inpact on the environment

Renewable and nonrenewable resources

  • Energy and environmental effects
  • Reducing the impact of Earth’s processes on humans
  • Energy from the sun


  • Movement of materials through ecosystems
  • Interactions of Earth’s spheres
  • Water distribution
  • Protecting Earth’s resources
  • Water cycle


  • Regional climates and climate change


  • Cause and effect of changes, the interactions within
  • The connection between biodiversity and human resources


  • Engineering, GMOs

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