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One-on-one Reading Support Program

Students enter Craig High School with varying degrees of reading experience, abilities, and skill sets. Those students who struggle with decoding, vocabulary, comprehension and/or spelling receive individualized instruction in our one-on-one reading support program. Based on insights from parents, teachers, and current testing, a student can be scheduled to work 1-3 days a week with our Orton Certified Reading Specialist who develops and implements a personalized reading/spelling plan. This individualized plan consists of multi-sensory, sequential, strategic approaches to reading and spelling that address everything from phonemes to morphemes (prefixes, suffixes, Latin roots, and their meaning) to spelling rules to patterns of syllabication (patterns to break words into syllables).

Active Reading strategies are taught to guide students in how to interact with what they read while improving their comprehension and retention. Students learn to use different colored highlighters to identify and set apart main points, supporting details, and terms. This approach taps into their visual memory. They also learn to use sticky notes and tabs to flag important textual locations.

Summary writing and paraphrasing is supported by having students reiterate what they have read, condense the information, and put it all in their own words. This ensures that they have understood, remembered, and can utilize the information they have read. Using a high interest non-fiction reading series, vocabulary, comprehension, and critical reading skills are further developed. At the end of each specific reading assignment, students complete a series of activities that check for understanding in main idea, supporting details, making inferences, vocabulary, summarizing, paraphrasing, and critical thinking.

Upon the start of their Craig High School program, students complete an initial reading and spelling assessment to determine their reading/spelling levels. Assessments include Criterion Referenced-Spelling Test & Reading Tests, SORT-R Slosson Oral Reading Test, TWS-4 Test of Written Spelling, and the Hasbrouck & Tindal Oral Reading Fluency Test. Based on the results of these assessment, we determine the number and focus of their individualized reading sessions. Individualized lessons are diagnostic and prescriptive by nature and informal assessments are daily and ongoing. During any session, reading and spelling issues are noted and integrated into the next lesson which supports individual growth and continuity. Twice during the school year, students complete a reading and spelling assessment to formally measure progress and lay a foundation for a dialogue with parents and teachers.

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