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 High School Academics

The college prep program  addresses the development of the whole student with the goals of creating independent learners, building a greater sense of self, and guiding our students in being an active part in their future decision making process. Our curriculum is cross curricular, integrated, and designed to facilitate active teaching and learning that goes beyond the classroom. Within our curriculum, we incorporate a series of learning strategies and executive functioning skills that allow students to manage their learning, and build the social and self-advocacy skills that are vital to success both in and out of the classroom. Our curriculum is also aligned with the common core standards for secondary education and the graduation requirements as established by the State of New Jersey. Below are brief summaries of courses available.


The Counseling Program is designed to provide individual and group social coaching for our students based on levels of need.  Students are provided with a safe place to discuss their concerns and issues problems as they relate to school. Students gain a better understanding of themselves and the people around them and learn to establish and maintain stronger relationships. The goals of the program are to continue developing and practicing self-advocacy and problem-solving skills.  Components of the  Counseling Program Individual counseling, Group counseling, Conflict resolution and crisis management, and a Self and Group dynamics course for 9th graders that explores self-awareness, communication skills, interpersonal relationships, and social decision making and conflict resolution skills.

COACH Program, Advisor and Mentor

The COACH Program is a dynamic relationship that is built upon the principles of guidance, personal relationships, and individual growth. Each student  is designated a faculty COACH who serves as his/her COACH throughout their time at the school. This specifically selected “point-person” is matched up based on relationship dynamics, personality, and the individual needs of our students, and becomes a personal resource to that student, their parents and other  faculty members. Students have the option of working with their COACH daily and at key junctures of the trimesters, review progress reports and report cards, and set-plan personal and academic goals and the action steps necessary to achieve these goals.

School Communication

We are a team of educators and parents whose ultimate outcome is the growth and success of our students. Our goal is make sure that at no time will a parent ever utter the words, “Why didn’t I know about this?”

Any academic questions or concerns that are raised at home or in school need to be communicated to all of the members of our community team who need to know. That team includes parents, teachers, and students. The parents  are provided with staff emails on day one. Our staff and COACHes are provided with all parent and student email addresses as well. In addition to email accessibility, we also send home a weekly newsletter to our families that shares student and program spotlights, upcoming events, and general school information.

L.A.G. Study Program

LAG Study Cards are an interactive approach to studying that allows students to manage where they focus their study time. The cards are based on our note taking system and are student- generated/teacher-guided. After an initial run through, cards are then separated into three distinct piles based on a student’s understanding:


When a card is answered correctly it is promoted to the next pile. When a study card is answered incorrectly it is returned to the first pile (LEARNING). The middle section (ALMOST) is for partial understanding and must still be reviewed until students are able to promote it to the last pile (GOT IT!). The goal of this program is to provide to our students a structure to prioritize their studying, focus on concepts/ideas that they are having difficulty with, and manage their study time effectively. LAG Study cards help students to focus their learning. It prioritizes studying by encouraging students to focus on specific concepts/ideas and allows students to “know what they know” and understand what they need to learn.

C.O.D.E. Approach to Lecturing

The faculty use a dynamic approach to lecturing that is multi sensory in nature, emphasizes prior learning, and allows students to continue to grow as independent learners.  This is accomplished through the C.O.D.E. Approach to Lecturing that CONNECTS with prior learning, ORGANIZED into manageable chunks, DUAL CODED through multi sensory approaches, and EXERCISED through spot checking for understand at key intervals. 

Daily Support Sessions

Each day, students have morning and afternoon opportunities to work with any teacher on any subject they choose. These designated morning and afternoon periods are blocks of time set aside each day where every teacher in the school is available to provide academic support to every student. If a student is having a difficult time with either a subject area or a specific lesson in a subject area, they may request to meet with that teacher during support. These support periods can also be initiated by teachers or parents. Support periods can also be used as group study sessions prior to exams as well as catch-up period if student is pulled for a related service.


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