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Self Program

Two of the most significant outcomes of the high school experience are a student’s growth as an independent learner and their sense of self, an awareness of who they are and how they learn. Our cross curricular integrations and strategic approaches to learning guides our students in becoming progressively more independent and provides them with the tools necessary to navigate any content. Our Self Program addresses all of the levels of self that lead us to the ultimate outcome of self-advocacy. This collective of specialized courses provides the progressive guidance and opportunities necessary for our students to learn who they are as people and scholars and to explore their individual potentials for life after high school. Courses include:

Freshman Foundation – Self and Group Dynamics 
Through a series of self-discovery assessments that include Learning Styles, Strengths Assessments, and Multiple Intelligence Inventories, our students become aware of the various and unique characteristics that make up who they are.  They learn to understand their learning disabilities and strategies to help manage it.  They also learn about their aptitudes and how to leverage them both in and out of the classroom.  In addition to self-discovery, our 9th graders also hone a variety of important inter- and intra-personal skills.

Sophomore Seminar – Career Awareness and Preparation
Students begin their formal transition planning and training in their sophomore year. The process begins with the focus on career awareness and work place skills. Core elements to our 10th grade seminar course include Multiple Intelligences, Goal Setting, Career Fields, and Self-Advocacy Skills.

Junior Seminar – College Awareness and Search Strategies
Learning about college and post-secondary options are the focus for the junior class seminar, during which our students learn about various post-secondary options, comprehensive academic accommodations, navigating college websites, applications, interviewing, and resume writing. During a student’s junior year, the Director of College Counseling meets with each student and their parents in order to develop a plan that ultimately will culminate in a personalized college/post-secondary list of recommendations and options for each student.

Senior Seminar – College Life
To help make the transition to college smoother, we cover all aspects of college and campus life in our Senior Seminar class including differences between HS and college, IDEA vs. ADA, and living on campus vs. commuting. During senior year, our Director of College Counseling works with students one-on-one to assist them as they visit, interview and apply to their respective colleges and/or post-secondary choices.

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