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Notes from the Chairman September 2018

Dear Craig Family,

Welcome back to what will be another great year at Craig.

We have settled into our renovated classrooms on our Mountain Lakes campus and we hope to complete even more projects this year. Stay tuned.

I am proud to say my son will be a freshman at Craig High School. Giacomo started at Craig in the fourth grade. I assumed he would only want to attend Craig High but at the beginning of last year, he told us that he wanted to look at all of his options. Though surprised, we were proud that he wanted to look around and find the best fit for him. In the end, he chose Craig High. Dr. Cap let him spend a day at the High School and showed him what Craig has to offer. We knew the academics were exactly what he needed but Dr. Cap and the entire faculty have built a real community at Craig High. Our students will participate in the Uptown Lunch Program where they will head to Boonton’s Main Street for lunch. This program allows us to interact with the Boonton Community and for the Boonton Community to get to know Craig High. Our High School is also an official SAT/ACT Test Center. This allows us to guarantee that our students receive all of the accommodations that they are entitled to and to conduct the tests in their own school proctored by their own teachers. The Stepping Out Program is a weekend adventure where students recommend and research opportunities to get together outside of school for an amazing and fun-filled social experience. Past Stepping Outs have included Friday Night High School Football Games to the Blue Man Group in New York. Any concerns that we had about Giacomo missing out on the “traditional” high school experience were replaced by the excitement of what Craig High is offering our students. As Chairman I should not be surprised but it’s a great feeling when our teachers continue to push our programs beyond expectations.

I have a favor to ask all of our families. We have never reached 100% participation in the Annual Fund . It is our most important fundraiser of every year and I am calling on everyone to give what you can (no matter how big or small). I know we all sacrifice to send our children to Craig. But if we all participate in the Annual Fund just a little we can finally reach the 100% mark and set the standard for all future Annual Fund drives. It is my goal to meet with everyone that gives to thank you and share how important the Annual Fund is and the difference that it makes to our programs. Hopefully I get to meet every family this year.

We do have sad news to share. Benedict V Aspero, Esq.,  a longtime Board member and champion for Craig, passed away on August 22, 2018. Ben’s son, Alex, attended Craig from 1982 until he graduated the 8th grade in 1990. To say Ben remained active with Craig after Alex graduated is an understatement. He gave his time, money and heart to our school. Ben served as Chairman of the Board, used his exceptional legal skills whenever the school needed advice (pro bono of course) and refused to accept anything other than greatness for our students. Under his guidance, Craig grew from 18 lower school students to the now more than 120 students on our Mountain Lakes and Boonton campuses. His 35 plus years on the Board of Trustees is a testament to his commitment and love for our school. Ben was the first Board member I met after my son joined Craig. His stories about having to buy lightbulbs for the school and having to come at night and replace them himself gave me a lot of perspective of how far Craig has come and how people like Ben made that possible. He will be missed.

Chairman, Board of Trustees


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