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HS Week of February 8, 2021



As much as we love our snow days, like anything in life, too much is never a good thing!  That being said, all future weather related Craig High School closings will become remote learning days for the remainder of this school year.  

We have been carefully fine tuning our remote learning program since the fall and although we have been fortunate not to have been forced to close for any extended period, our teachers and students are well prepared to make our remote learning time productive and progressive.  Below you will find our remote learning guidelines that we shared a while back and recently reviewed with our students.

We have learned a lot about screen time and virtual endurance so by starting our day a little earlier (8AM), dropping lunch, and making afternoon support optional, we have developed a comprehensive remote learning day where each of their 7 period classes will meet.  We have also added 5 minute transition times between classes and the ever important  mid-morning break!      

Dr. Cap


Tuesday, February 9th  

Afterschool Hoops Practice (3-4:30PM)


Wednesday, February 10th   

Afterschool Bowling Week 1 (3-4:30PM)


Friday, February 12th

12PM Dismissal- Winter Spirit Day 


Monday, February 15th

School Closed-Mid Winter Break


Tuesday, February 23rd

2nd Trimester Progress Reports



SPECIAL SPEAKER EVENT - March 3rd, 2021 7 pm

Mark your calendars now for an upcoming webinar featuring Robin O’Shea from Key2Ed, a nationally recognized leader in facilitated IEP training. The webinar will take place virtually on March 3rd at 7 pm. More information to follow in next week’s newsletter. 

Conflict in Special Education: Conflict Resolution, Appropriate Dispute Resolution, and Facilitated IEPs

The Individuals with Disabilities Act strongly emphasizes the importance of an effective family-professional partnership in creating the student’s educational program (IDEA, 2004). The IEP meeting is an opportunity for the team of experts, including parents, teachers, related service providers, and the child (when appropriate), to openly communicate and collaborate. However, there may be times when the participants come to the table with varying perspectives or disagreements. This session presents an overview of how the team can use research-based facilitation techniques to promote communication, prevent conflict, and reconcile differences so that the team can focus on the student's needs and craft a robust and unique program for the child. Participants will leave with tools and techniques they can implement at their next IEP. 

For those of you who would like to register for the event now may do so by clicking on this link: After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


Parent Survey

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

The new year has begun, and we know you are navigating this semester in the context of COVID-19. We know you are balancing so much, and we hope you will take some time to let us know how we’re doing and how COVID-19 has affected your experience as a part of our school community. 

Please complete a short survey by February 19th, 2021 to help us understand your experience right now. 

The survey, hosted on the website of the National Association of Independent Schools, will only take about 5 minutes to complete. Your responses will help us improve the way we deliver programming and communicate with our community.

Thank you for your partnership and ongoing support of our school community.


Go Badgers! 

Dr. Kara A. Loftin 

Head of School 




Remote Learning Guidelines

CHS Remote Learning Guidelines: Norms and Expectations


  • Workspace: We strongly recommend a designated workspace for remote learning.  A desk or table is ideal.   
  • Google Classroom: Assignments will be posted on their Google Classroom sites along with their designated meeting link information (Google Meet and/or Zoom). 
  • Class Schedules: We will be following our 7 period school day.  Classes will start at 8AM and wrap up at 12:10PM.  Each class will be 30 minutes in duration with a 5-minute “travel” time between periods.  There will be a 15 minute break at 10:15AM.
  • Class Time Expectations: We have five high priority expectations that are written in CHS stone for each CHS class period
    • Be on Time. In fact, head to class a minute or two early to make sure you can log in and are ready to roll 
    • Cameras on for Check In and Instructions: This allows you to get credit for starting the class and to ask any questions to make sure you understand the assignment for that class
    • Cameras must stay on during in-class group reading time  
    • When Cameras are Off, Mics should always be on in case you are called on.  No answering is like not being in class and you will be marked as such. 
    • Cameras on for Check Out: This is how we will wrap up each class period. 
    • Submission of Daily Work: You must submit your work at the end of class to get full credit for your attendance and a grade for the day
  • Related Services: All speech, counseling with Mrs. Brown and reading sessions with Mrs. Blount will continue.  Your speech teacher, Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Blount will make sure you have the Meet links and times.
  • Attendance: Please have your parents email Mrs. Maas at if you will be absent from any virtual classes (full or part of the day).  If we don’t hear from mom or dad then we will be looking forward to seeing you in class. 
  • Communication: Please email your teachers directly if you are having any issues with any assignments outside class time.  Their emails are their first initial last (e.g. 
  • Extra Help/Support: Teachers can set up one-on-one Google meets for an afternoon support session. If you schedule it and agree to it, all we ask is that you be true to your word and show up. 
  • NO Video, Recordings, or Screenshots: There will be no screenshots, video, or audio recording of any classes without teacher permission. No exceptions.
  • Tech Issues: Please reach out to Dr. Cap at with any tech issues that pop up.  Many of them can be solved with a shut down and restart so try that first. 


Remote Learning Class Schedule                            

1st Period      8:00- 8:30AM                      

2nd Period     8:35- 9:05AM                               

3rd Period     9:10- 9:40AM                               

4th Period     9:45- 10:15AM                    

Break 10:15-10:30AM

5th Period     10:35- 11:05AM                   

6th Period     11:05- 11:35AM                   

7th Period     11:40- 12:10PM 



HS Student Spotlight

CHS Community Service: Shoveling Out

Each year,  students must put together 10 hours of community service to meet their annual community service requirement.  This includes both in school community services such as recycling, office assistant, plant care, and weekly gym maintenance.  It also includes out of school inservice and this past storm provided a much needed opportunity to support their family community.  See a few of our students sharing their time and shoveling skills (from left to right: Nicole, Sophia, and Luke D) 

See our photos in our photo gallery.







CHS Senior English Study Medieval Literature  

Ms. Bank's Senior English Class recently completed a unit on Medieval Literature.  After an overview of the Middle Ages, students read the exciting tale of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.  

One of the true facts from the tale that captured the imagination of our students was the Coat of Arms and how each symbol on each shield represented an individual and their family legacy. This study of symbols, colors, and patterns used in Coats of Arms is known as heraldry so based on their own heraldry, each student created their own Coat of Arms using their families, their own unique personalities and character traits, and their passions and interests. 

See our original designs in our photo gallery.



 Class of 2021 Yearbook Ads 

Just a reminder to our 12th grade parents that there is still time to submit your ad for this year’s High School Yearbook.  If you are interested in sending a message to your graduate and the class of 2021 or have any questions, reach out to our yearbook coordinator, Mr. Jacobs at 



Giving at Craig

For more information on ways of giving to Craig, please contact Katie Burke, Director of Development, at 973-334-1234 or make a donation online by clicking here.


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