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HS Week Of January 25, 2021



High School Program Spotlight

 Students Create Cool APPS during Annual “Week of Code” The High School held its annual Week of Coding a few weeks back.  After some brief training and exploration, a group demo and some modeling, students were tasked with applying their new coding skills to develop their own mini-programs and Apps.  We are proud to share some of the amazing and creative work of our students:

  • Henry -HBC Dance Party (Click RUN to watch the show, Click HOW IT WORKS to see the code) CLICK HERE
  • Jessica – You’re So Square (Click RUN to watch the show, Click HOW IT WORKS to see the code) CLICK HERE
  • Sophia – Shake It Up (Click RUN to watch the show, Click HOW IT WORKS to see the code)
  • Giacomo-Legend of Zelda (Phone App – Built On Code Studio)
  • Jarod-NBA Free Throw (Use the game arrows to keep the ball from hitting the bottom like old school pong) CLICK HERE
  • Wesley-Flappy Bird Game (Use the Mouse Click to Keep Bird Up and Through the Obstacles)

Clinician’s Corner

In Mrs. Brown’s Social Dynamics class the focus has been on Empathy.  The ability to understand the feeling of others.  Such an important life skills for any situation- to be able to be an active listener, use appropriate body language and really try and understand what someone is feeling or experiencing.  As the freshman are learning- empathy is a choice, and a skill you can always work on.  It is important to maintain healthy and positive relationships with our family, friends, teachers, future coworkers etc.

Attached is a link to a short video about Empathy: CLICK TO WATCH

From the Craig High School Sports Desk

Winter Sports-Intramural Bowling Starts This Week

Our Intramural Bowling League starts up this Wednesday Jan 27th and then on the following Wednesdays in February:

  • Feb. 3rd
  • Feb. 10th
  • Feb. 27th

We will get our bowlers to the lanes and pick up will be at Boonton Lanes (520 Myrtle Avenue) at 4:30PM.  We will cover the cost of the bowling.  Students will be responsible for any snacks and drinks from the concession stand.  Any questions, email Our Bowling Coaches, Ms. Crum at and Mrs. Maas at

High School Reminder

​The Craig School Continues Collecting “Box Tops for Education”

The Craig School has been collecting Box Tops for Education since 2014 and as a school community, we have received almost $5000!  All from just cutting out those little “pink and blue squares” that say BOX TOP FOR EDUCATION on so many of the products we use on a regular basis (The following is a link to all of the products that carry the BOX TOP FOR EDUCATION logo:CLICK HERE)

Last school year, we raised almost $500 so that is where we set the bar for this school year.  Each box top brings in 10 cents so they do add up quickly.  The only way we are going to pull this off and achieve our school community goal is if all of our families get involved.  Cutting them out and sending them into the  office works.  You also have the option of downloading the BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION APP (CLICK HERE) and then scan your shopping receipts.  The app will pick up on any box top items and turn that into cash for Craig! Our deadline for our next payout is March 1st so that gives us 6 weeks to bring in some box top bucks for Craig!

Ordering  Lunch Delivery for February

The ordering window for February  Lunches will be open through this Monday, January January 25th so there is still time to get your orders in.  To register to place orders or to re-order,  go to  If you have any questions, reach out to our Lunch Program Chair and CHS Parent, Amanda Jahn at 


High School Communication-Student Absences and Late Arrivals: If a student is going to be absent or late you can call the school at (973)334-1234  or email our school attendance specific email at, both of which will go directly to Mrs. Maas.  If we don’t hear from you by 9AM, you will hear from us!

Please indicate if your student is:

(a) absent and is unable to attend virtually. This student will be marked “Absent.”
(b) absent AND attending classes virtually. This student will be marked “Present.”

Giving at Craig

For more information on ways of giving to Craig, please contact Katie Burke, Director of Development, at 973-334-1234 or make a donation online by clicking here.


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