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HS Week Of June 7, 2021



This week is Senior Week as our future grads begin to close out their school year with a 3 day-2 night trip to Disney Worlds’ distant cousin, Hershey Park! While they are away, each grade will move up one level in the school hierarchy with the 11th grade taking charge, the 10th grade filling the void that the 11th grade has left, and our 9th grade, unfortunately, ending up exactly where they were before the 12th grade left!  After the senior trip comes the culmination event for our 12th graders, graduation!  Graduation is this Friday and is an optional school day for our 9th to 11th grade.  You can find more info below in our School Events. Before you know it, Yearbooks and Spring Spirit day will be upon us and then they are all yours for the summer.

Happy June! 

Dr. Cap


Monday-Wednesday, June 7-9

Senior Trip to Hershey Park! 

Friday, June 11th

10AM-Class of 2021 Graduation Ceremony (NO CLASSES) 

Monday-Wednesday, June 14-16

12PM Close-9th, 10th, 11th Grade Trimester Exams 

Thursday, June 17th

12PM Close-Spirit Day 

Friday, June 18th

12PM Close-Last Day of School (Report Cards, Book Returns) 


CSHS Events

Graduation, Friday, June 11th 

This Friday, we will be hosting the commencement ceremonies for the Class of 2021.  The ceremony will begin at 10AM.  Because of the involvement of the faculty and administration in the ceremony, there will be no classes this Friday.  

Students in grades 9-11 are welcome to attend the ceremony but are not mandated to.  If they choose not to attend, it will not be held against their attendance.  Any student who would like to attend should let Dr. Cap know so he can make sure that we have the correct number of seats available.  The ceremony should wrap up close between 11:30-12PM.  Any questions please mail Dr. Cap at

Speaking of our future graduates….

Class of 2021 Student Spotlights

Class of 2021-What the Future Holds: As we get ready to say goodbye to the  Class of 2021, let’s take a collective look at the culmination of all of their hard work and commitment and share what next fall holds for The Craig School- High School of 2021-


The LD Wall of Fame
Every year in Mrs. Brown's Social Dynamics class, our 9th-grade students get the opportunity to select a well-known person who has been successful in their trade (athlete, business, actor, singer, political etc). and learn about how they became who they are all while overcoming some type of disability.

The LD Wall of Fame is what it came to be known over the years- as students created their own posters to represent their chosen people. These posters are currently hanging in the front entrance of the High Schools building. The great thing is, despite their difficulties, all were able to achieve great things with hard work, determination, and creativity. This year's honorees included Whoopi Goldberg, Michael Phelps, Tommy Hilfigir, Amanda Gorman, and Barbara Corcoran.

PACSAC Awards Ceremony: Celebrating The Students
The Friday before Memorial Day, we held our annual PACSAC Day (PACS Breakfast and Awards Ceremony).

It was truly a day of community celebration and student acknowledgments. Thank you to PACS for our delicious breakfast of muffins, bagels, and croissants. Thank you to KS Productions and the president of KS Productions, Senior Kevin Soutar, for pulling off a seamless live stream of the event for our parents, to Mrs. Maas for making all of our awards look so special, and to Mrs. Cap for capturing each smile after each award! You can see all of our pics from our PACSAC day at

If you click on a picture in our Shutterfly link, a check will appear in the top corner. You then can go up to the top toolbar and find the DOWNLOAD icon (cloud with a down arrow) and that picture is yours!


The Craig School’s Annual

Fundraising Event

Tuesday, June 15th. 

This year we have created an event that everyone can enjoy. We are incredibly excited about this opportunity to gather together in support of Craig. Here are some ways that you can help to make this our most successful event to date:

GOLF: Sign up to golf at Ballyowen on Tuesday, June 15th. Bring your friends, bring your neighbor, bring your brother or sister and join us for lunch, golf and dinner!

DINNER: If you have previous commitments during the day, head to Ballyowen for dinner and the opportunity to meet new friends.

TEE BOX SPONSOR: If none of these options work out for you, sponsor a Tee Box which will be displayed on the course during the day. It’s a great way to honor a Craig School teacher or faculty member or even proudly flaunt the name of your student or graduate.

AMAZON WISHLIST: Purchasing items from our Amazon Wish List is always a fun and easy way to contribute to the fundraiser. You’ll be amazed at how your Amazon donations get transformed into fun packages that result in lots of bidding!

As the date of the Annual Golf Outing/Auction gets closer we will have an online auction that all can participate in. You’ll be able to bid on an assortment of items while at Ballyowen or from the comfort of your home.

Thank you and I hope to see you up at Ballyowen on Tuesday, June 15th!

If you have any questions or would like to be more involved, please contact me at or 973.334.1295 ext. 229.

Katie Burke

Director of Development


Yearbooks are Now on Sale 

Last week to order yearbooks.  If you haven’t already, please email Mrs. Maas at and send in your payment of $35.00  made out to “The Craig School '' to reserve your copy(s). All other students will receive theirs during the last week of school.

Daily Attendance  

Please send an email to Debbie Maas at OR call our Main Line (973-334-1234) for any change in your teens schedule by 7:30AM for that day (student absences, late arrivals, early departures). 


Giving at Craig

For more information on ways of giving to Craig, please contact Katie Burke, Director of Development, at 973-334-1234 or make a donation online by clicking here.


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