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HS Week Of May 10, 2021



Last week was “Teacher Appreciation Week” at Craig High and boy, did we feel appreciated!  We were greeted upon our Monday morning arrival at CHS by the largest sign ever made up of over 30 smaller signs to spell out “We Love Our Teachers” courtesy of our PACS! After a quick photo session with our sign (see photo gallery), we were treated to a surprise in our teacher mailboxes with a special message each day of the week.  We had “Chip Chip, Hurray, We Appreciate You Every Day” Chop Ahoy cookies, “Thank you for going the extra mile” Extra Gum, “We are bursting with Appreciation” starbursts, and “You're worth more than a 100 Grand” candy bars! 


And if that wasn’t enough, almost daily, donuts magically appeared in our teacher’s room, and to top that, our student lockers were decorated by our resident magnet artist, junior Aidan who shared a  message of appreciation that was so magnanimous that it required two full sets of lockers to convey it (see gallery).  Thank you to all of our students, parents, and PACS for an amazing week.

Dr. Cap 



Tuesday, May 11th: HS Afterschool Intramural Sports League (3-4:30 PM) 


Wednesday, May 12th: HS XC Practice (3-4:30 PM)


Tuesday, May 18th: LAST HS Afterschool Intramural Sports League (3-4:30 PM) 


Wednesday, May 19th: LAST HS XC Practice (3-4:30 PM)


Thursday, May 20th: 3rd Trimester Progress Reports


Saturday, May 22nd: CHS Prom 2021 (6-9 PM, CHS Gym)


Friday, May 28th: PACSAC Day (Awards Ceremony 10AM-12 PM)


Monday, May 31: School Closed-Memorial Day



Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!!

The Parents of The Craig School appreciate teachers EVERY SINGLE DAY, but this week gives us a chance to show it.  In what's been the most challenging year, they have gone above and beyond to keep our children engaged, motivated, learning, and thriving!

This year we appreciate them more than ever and on your

behalf this is what the week entailed:

The teachers were welcomed on Monday with a large

“We LOVE Our Teachers Sign”


A “Treat of Appreciation” was waiting

in their mailboxes each morning


The Colonial Grill Food Truck Provided Lunch

On Thursday (LS/MS) and Friday (CHS)


We Presented the Teachers with our Word Art Project

We had a tremendous response to our Word Art Project.

We asked our students (and parents)

“In a Word, Describe Your Teachers”

In creating this artwork, more often a word was used, the bigger it became.  What more can we ask than for our children to feel that their teachers are: AWESOME, NICE, KIND, and SUPPORTIVE.  But what is more heartwarming is the next largest-size words: Attentive, Engaging, Dedicated, Calm, Brilliant, and Amazing.  These are our teachers… for whom we are endlessly thankful!


This Word Art has been framed and will be placed in the school for all to see.

The LS/MS students asked how they can join in the celebrating

The teachers… so we had the Kona Ice Truck. stop by


Finally, the Week of Appreciation came to a close with a Happy Hour. Teachers and faculty

from both campuses were invited to join for Happy Appetizers & Happy Conversation

at a local patio restaurant. From all accounts, the teachers have truly

appreciated this special week, and it has been an honor

to appreciate the teachers on behalf of the Parents of the Craig School.


Susan Gross, Heather Soufan & Angelina Bright


See our photos in our gallery.


CHS Prom May 22nd, 2021: Starry Night! 

It’s official! Prom Night is Saturday, May 22nd from 6-9 pm.  Thanks to some generous contributions of time, resources, and glitter from our awesome families, students, and teachers, the cost is only $20 per ticket which makes us the most reasonably priced prom in NJ! Here is what you will need to know:

  • Tickets: Tickets ($20 per) will go on sale next week.  Cash or check made out to Craig School.
  • Prom Set Up: We will be staying after school on Friday, May 21st to set up.  Students are welcome to stay to help as long as they have a ride that can pick them up at CHS at 4:30 PM.  
  • Prom Night: Drop off at 6 PM at our usual Craig Event Center Entrance (also known as the gym entrance!).  There will be a full Buffett and sit-down dinner.  Dress expectations are to look sharp and not like you are heading to Home Depot on a Sunday. Dessert will be served and the last dance will be at 8:55 PM!
  • Guests/Plus Ones: Any guest from outside CHS must either show a vaccination card or a recent negative Co-Vid test (within three days of the prom).
  • Chaperones: Our amazing staff has this covered.
  • Clean-Up: Any student that would like to stay until 9:30 PM may help with clean up 

That’s about it.  All Set-Up and Clean-Up time will count towards community service. Any questions email Dr. Cap at


Craig High School Lunch Delivery Program 

With our move to our new  home this past year, we met our student lunch needs by introducing the  Lunch Program.  Our Delivery Lunch program is a service provided by the school and run by some pretty special volunteers who have added weekly lunches cooked in our own kitchen to complement the lunches that are delivered from local food vendors. 


One of our goals of our lunch program has and continues to be providing delicious  food choices for our students while attempting to keep the prices as low as possible for our parents.  It is not a goal of the program to make a large profit but with some careful buying and strategic sale hunting, we were able to generate a modest profit this year, a profit that will directly benefit our programs.  We appreciate all the support we have received this year and believe the lunch program has been a great success.  Any suggestions for next year would be welcomed.  Please email them to lunch coordinator Amanda Jahn at


From the Office of College Counseling

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Our 10th graders culminated their recent trimester in their Career Awareness course with Mrs. DeSimone with a team-building project that involved building towers using very specific resources: spaghetti, marshmallows, their imagination, creativity, and ingenuity.  


Students took on and shared the various roles of leader, creators, and problem-solvers with their team goal of finishing the tower project within the allotted 40 minute period.  We are proud to share that all of our “teams” were successful!

*Note: Pictures in our Photo Gallery.  Also, quite a few marshmallows were consumed as part of this building process


Talent Show 

 Currently we have over 35 students that have expressed interest in performing in our virtual talent show. Please note the following dates: 


  • All acts must be approved by Friday, May 7th.
  • Next meeting Tuesday, May 11th at 7:30 pm 
  • Final videos must be submitted by Monday, May 17th 



We all love the opportunity to come together and support this school that we love so much!  This year both golfers and non-golfers will convene at Ballyowen Golf Club on Tuesday, June 15th.  Golfers will start the day with lunch and then hit the links for a round on New Jersey's #1 rated golf course.  Non-golfers will eat lunch and then have an afternoon of relaxation enjoying a massage, manicure, pedicure and/or wine tasting. After the day spent golfing/getting pampered, we will all join up for refreshments,  dinner and our virtual auction.  It is sure to be a fun day for all in support of The Craig School!


Register today and show your support of The Craig School!



CHS Yearbooks are Now on Sale

This year’s edition of the Craig High yearbook promises to be the most sought-after collector’s item that we have ever published.  Please email Mrs. Maas at indicating how many copies you would like, and send in your check ($35 per copy), made out to “The Craig School '' to reserve your copy(s). Yearbooks will be distributed to seniors prior to Commencement;  All other students will receive theirs during the last week of school.



Giving at Craig

For more information on ways of giving to Craig, please contact Katie Burke, Director of Development, at 973-334-1234 or make a donation online by clicking here.


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