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HS Week of June 6th



The days after the tragedy in Ulvade, Texas, we used our student morning announcement time at Craig High to open dialogues with our students about supporting each other, our safety protocols and procedures, and the security of our school.  Our students kids feeling safe and supported is and always will be our highest priority.  Our Coaches/teachers, Mrs. Brown, Ms. Skerker, and  myself have an open door policy for all of our students with any questions, concerns, or just a need to talk and we will remind them of this daily.    


For our parents, know that other then morning arrival and an event like our awards ceremony where we invite parents to campus , our doors are unlocked for a very designated time period and then locked at all other times.  Access to the building other then these times is only through our double door buzzer system at the main office.  In addition, each door access at CSHS has a security cameras whose feeds are shared simultaneously in three locations throughout the school and are consisetently monitored and always recorded.  


On a lighter note, this week is Senior Week at Craig High as our future grads officially wrap up their HS journey highlighted by our Senior Stepping Outs this Tuesday and Wednesday and culminating with graduation this Friday.  We are so excited to celebrate all of the accomplishments of the members of the CSHS Class of 2022 and invite all of our 9th, 10th, and 11th-grade students to join us for our Friday Graduation Celebration.  And although it would not be a true celebration without all of our students, this is an optional day for our 9th to 11th grade.  More info is below under School Events. To the CSHS Class of 2022, congratulations!  You did it!  

Dr. Cap



Tuesday and Wednesday, June 7th and 8th 

Class of 2022 Senior Stepping Outs to LSC and Sea Quest


Friday, June 10th 

12 PM Close: Graduation (10 AM Ceremony, No Classes)


Monday-Wednesday, June 13-15

12 PM Closes: 9th,10th, 11th Grade Exams  


Thursday, June 16th 

12 PM Close: Last Day of Classes, Report Cards, Yearbook Signings


Friday, June 17th 

12 PM Close: CSHS Spring Spirit Day 



CSHS Class of 2022 Graduation Ceremony, Friday, June 10th: This Friday, we will be hosting the commencement ceremonies for the CSHS Class of 2022.  The ceremony will begin at 10 AM.  Because of the involvement of the faculty and administration in the ceremony, there will be no classes this Friday but there will be a mini-breakfast at 8:30 AM for all of our early morning arrival students. 


Students in grades 9-11 are welcome to attend the ceremony but are not mandated to.  If they choose not to attend, it will not be held against their attendance.  Any student who would like to attend should let Dr. Cap so he can make sure that we have the correct number of seats available.  The ceremony should wrap up close to 12 PM.  Any questions please mail Dr. Cap at


CSHS 10th Grader Nate Performs in the Musical, Oliver  

Sophomore Nathan will flex his acting muscles in a teen production of the family-friendly musical, Oliver, presented by Pebble Players in Summit NJ. Show dates are over the next two weekends (June 10, 11, 12, 17, 18 & 19). The Friday and Saturday performances start at 7:30 PM and the Sunday shows are at 2:00 PM, taking place at the Oakes Center, 120 Morris Ave, Summit NJ. Nate gets to play two roles - one is a boy who taunts poor little Oliver and later in the show the older man who cares for the boy. For tickets, please visit:



Log onto our store, browse our items, order for your student and your family and The Craig School receives 20% of the order! All of the proceeds from this go towards the community events that we have planned throughout the year for you and your students to enjoy!







TREX Nationwide Recycling Program-Gift Wind Chime

CSHS has been collecting plastic for the past 5 years as components of our school recycling program and a member of the Trex Nationwide Recycling Program.  In that time, along with our Mountain Lake Campus, we have collected and recycled almost 1000lbs of plastic that otherwise would have ended up in landfills and taken hundreds of years to decompose!  Instead, our plastic recycling was turned into composite decking which is made of 95% recycled wood and plastic.  


This past year, our school placed 14th in the state of NJ as we joined over 1000 other schools from around the country to bring greater awareness to our students on how we can be an active participant in protecting and preserving our planet.  As an acknowledgment and celebration of our accomplishment, Trex sent us a unique wind chime partially made up of composite wood.  It now adorns one of our trees in the back of the school where many of our students hang out during break and lunchtime.  



Badger Softball Wraps Up Season with an Amazing Community Game: Last week's Craig High Softball game was a high-scoring event that brought out the biggest crowd in Craig Softball history. The 21-20 was wrapped up in the last inning thanks to a Luke E. triple. Seniors Jules and Aidan were also impressive at the plate while great field play was on display from juniors Ben and Brady.  


A big shout-out is in order for the following students for stepping in for our missing opponents: Luke D., Matt, Sam, Evan, Mary, and Dr. Cap.



TUESDAY, June 21 at Ballyowen Golf Club!


 Our Annual Golf Outing is looking for support!  You can join us for golf, sponsor a faculty member, join us for dinner or even become a tee box sponsor!  Registration at  Craig School Golf Outing Registration and learn more about the event at   Please reach out to Katie Burke, Director of Development, at if you have any questions. I hope you'll join us for this fun day on the links!



Please use this link to purchase items from the Amazon wish list -

Items may be shipped directly to The Craig School at:

10 Tower Hill Road

Mountain Lakes, NJ  07046

If you have any questions or are having problems accessing the Amazon Wish List 

please email Amanda Jahn at or Katie Burke at


Thank you for all of your support for the Janet M. Cozine Auditorium renovation. We are grateful to everyone who has contributed to this project, and for those who have gotten involved and shared their experiences at The Craig School.


Our campaign continues and as of today we have raised $165,000 with gifts from every constituency of the school: students, parents, faculty, staff, former faculty, alumni, alumni parents, and grandparents. A testament to Janet's 42 year career and the impact made on the lives of so many families that are a part of Badger Nation.


Our goal is to raise $265,000 for the completion of the project.  If you have not given to the campaign, please consider a gift today to celebrate our esteemed Director of the Lower and Middle School, Janet M. Cozine.


You can pledge here:

Donate to the Janet M. Cozine Auditorium,

pay via Text2Fund by texting Badgers to 71760,

pay via Paypal at 

or send a check made payable to The Craig School. 


LAST CALL-The Craig School High School Yearbook-Among the Stars:  $30 will reserve a copy of this years Craig School High School Yearbook  2021-2022 “Among the Stars”. Yearbooks will be distributed during the last week of school.


DROP IN OPEN OFFICE HOURS with Dr. Loftin, Head of School

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday- LS/MS Campus  2:00pm -3:00pm

Thursday - High School Campus - 2:00pm- 3:00pm

These hours are open for parents to schedule a meeting, drop in and discuss any issues or concerns or to just say hello.


Craig School Emergency Contact System:  The Craig School uses a multi-tiered communication system that provides to our families, the highest level of certainty that you are made aware of any change in the opening or closing status of Craig Lower Middle School and Craig High.  Our various communication tiers include:  

  • Craig Notification Call System:  The Craig Notification call is a voice activated system so you need to say HELLO once and allow the system to activate.  If you say HELLO followed by another HELLO in rapid succession, the system will not activate and not start the recorded message.  If you are unable to take the call, it will leave a message. 
  • School Email Blast:  We will send out an email blast to all of our families and students.  Keep in mind that emails are dependent on the internet so if that’s down, so are emails.
  • Text  Dr. Cap:  As a last resort to check school status, you can always text Dr. Cap at (973)534-9054.   






Giving at Craig

For more information on ways of giving or to make a donation online you can clicking here.


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