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HS Week of May 30th



Last weekend’s  “Mrs. Cozine Honorary Walk” was amazing on so many levels.  From the weather to the heartfelt speeches of our students to the large number of Craig alumni who attended.  Speaking of alumni, in this week's newsletter we spotlight Olivia from the CSHS Class of 2011 who recently earned her BA from WPU.  

Also, we give a sneak peek of today’s awards ceremony and celebrate each and every CSHS student for their impressive accomplishments this school.  


To our Craig Community, have a wonderful long weekend. We hope your Memorial Day is filled with family and burgers (including veggie burgers). 

Dr. Cap 




Monday, May 30th 



Friday, June 3rd 

12PM Close: Faculty Forum 


Friday, June 10th 

12 PM Close: Graduation (10 AM Ceremony, No Classes)


Monday-Wednesday, June 13-15

12 PM Closes: 9th,10th, 11th Grade Exams  


Thursday, June 16th 

12 PM Close: Last Day of Classes, Report Cards, Yearbook Signings


Friday, June 17th 

12 PM Close: CSHS Spring Spirit Day 



HS Student Spotlights

Spring Awards Ceremony- Celebrating The Students of CSHS:  We would like to acknowledge all of the students at CSHS and share an award for each of them that was handed out at today’s Awards Ceremony.

  • Chloe: Magnificent Mathlete Award
  • Mary: Socrates Award for Excellence in World History
  • Max: Sketchbook Art Award
  • Madison: Edgar Allan Poe Award for Great Work with Short Stories
  • Alyssa: Heart of the Badger Cross Country Award 
  • Maleia: Art Gnome Award
  • Evan: Excellence in Biology 
  • Sam: Writing with Confidence Award
  • Nathan: Merriam-Webster Award
  • Grace: Achievement in US History 
  • Peter: Resolute Math Award
  • Halle: Monkey’s Paw Award
  • Sophia: Enthusiasm in Chemistry
  • Lilla: Excellence in Spanish
  • Luke D: National Honor Society
  • Caroline: Determined Artist Award
  • Nicole: Excellence in Spanish
  • Luciana: Giles Corey Award for Excellent Work on the Crucible
  • Matt: Jack London Award for Most Improved Organization 
  • Brady: Holden Caulfield Award
  • Ben: Inquiring Reader Award
  • Luke E: Phenomenal Photography Award
  • Josh: Have a Nice Day! Award
  • Raul: Responsible Citizenship Award
  • CJ: Social Justice in American Literature
  • Brendan: Algebra II Award for Enthusiasm
  • Blake: Academic Composure Under pressure Award
  • Jaiden: The Steve Shazar Award
  • Julianna: Prolific Artist Award
  • Aidan: Curiosity Killed the Cat Award
  • Justin: Abstract Genius Award
  • Armando: Achievement in US History 

The Craig School High School Yearbook-Among the Stars:  $30 will reserve a copy of this year's Craig School High School Yearbook  2021-2022 “Among the Stars”.   Yearbooks will be distributed to seniors prior to Commencement.  All other students will receive theirs during the last week of school.




Log onto our store, browse our items, order for your student and your family and The Craig School receives 20% of the order! All of the proceeds from this go towards the community events that we have planned throughout the year for you and your students to enjoy!


PACS Executive Committee information along with membership forms are on our website.

It is not too late to join our membership drive, please email Angelina Bright, PACS PRESIDENT at





It's time to enroll in The Craig School Summer Academy!  Please fill out the registration form to enroll your child in the full-day or half-day program. The dates of the Summer Academy are July 5th- 28th and 29th, depending on whether your child is enrolling in the morning or afternoon program. Prices and times for the camp are on the registration form.  Spaces are limited for the Summer Academy, so please enroll right away. Click this link for a full description of the program.


If you have any questions regarding re-enrollment or The Summer Academy, please reach out to Nicole Moon in the Admissions office.   (973) 334 1234.




HS Alumni Spotlight

CSHS Alum Graduates WPU:  CSHS Class of 2011 member, Ms. Olivia Marshall graduated from William Paterson University (WPU) this spring with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communication and majored in Media Production.  While at WPU, she was a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, worked at the campus bookstore and student safety patrol, and volunteered with Habitat for Humanity.  WPU recently released an article about Olivia, her obstacles and her proven resilience (WPU Olivia Marshall Class of '22).


Below is a quote from Olivia’s mom, Dr. Marshall-“Olivia has had epilepsy since she was 2 years old.  Over her lifetime she has been resuscitated twice and had to learn to walk and talk twice.  We were told when she was about 10 that she would never be able to learn how to read.  Thanks to The Craig School, not only did she learn to read, but she also learned how to learn!”  Dr. Brenda Marshall  

In her time at Craig High, Olivia played on every sports team, attended every school dance, and joined every Stepping Out.  Her perfect record for community involvement still stands today.  We are so proud of Olivia!






HS Program Spotlight

12 Grade Physics – Rocket Wrap-up and Review:  Mr. Simpson’s 12 Grade Physics class wrapped up their year by applying the laws of motion to rocket flight. Prior to the actual launch, they used the mass of the rocket, 241 grams, and the thrust of 20 Newtons to calculate the theoretical acceleration of the rocket. They then used this acceleration value and the known burn time of 2 seconds to calculate the speed and height of the rocket over time.


At the launch, they used video tracking to measure the rocket’s flight, and this year we added an onboard action camera to capture the rocket’s point of view (two pictures in our photo gallery captured by our rocket). The measured speed and height values align pretty well with the theoretical values until air resistance becomes significant at speeds above 40 meters per second [ 90 mph ].  The rocket is equipped with a parachute that brings it safely back to earth, and we are happy to report that no cameras were harmed during the rocket experiment. You are welcome to see videos and pictures of the launches here:



adger Softball Home Opener Thursday May 26th:  This past Thursday, the Badgers Softball Team took the field for their home opener versus Cornerstone High School at Etta Konnor Field in Pine Brook  The Newsletter went to print before the game wrapped so we will be sure the results next time.  But what we can say is we are predicting victory!

View our photos in our gallery.



On behalf of the entire Craig School community, I wanted to thank you for attending the Janet M. Cozine “Walk the Boulevard.” We hope you enjoyed the beautiful day with your fellow badgers while celebrating the one and only Janet M. Cozine.

We will be sharing photos of the event and are encouraging you to do the same in the near future. Please send any of the moments you captured to!

Over 250 of you made the walk an incredible success and we thank you for coming and sharing your stories. Be on the lookout for more information regarding the Auditorium renovation project with a ribbon-cutting this Fall.

Thanks again for making Saturday such a special day!



Please use this link to purchase items from the Amazon wish list -

Items may be shipped directly to The Craig School at:

10 Tower Hill Road

Mountain Lakes, NJ  07046

If you have any questions or are having problems accessing the Amazon Wish List 

please email Amanda Jahn at or Katie Burke at


TUESDAY, June 21 at Ballyowen Golf Club!

Registration at  Craig School Golf Outing Registration and learn more about the event at  Our Annual Golf Outing is looking for support!  You can join us for golf, sponsor a faculty member, join us for dinner or even become a tee box sponsor!   Information about how you can help with our Golf Outing Auction will be forthcoming.  Please reach out to Katie Burke, Director of Development, at if you have any questions. I hope you'll join us for this fun day on the links!



Thank you for all of your support for the Janet M. Cozine Auditorium renovation. We are grateful to everyone who has contributed to this project, and for those who have gotten involved and shared their experiences at The Craig School.

Our campaign continues and as of today we have raised $165,000 with gifts from every constituency of the school: students, parents, faculty, staff, former faculty, alumni, alumni parents, and grandparents. A testament to Janet's 42 year career and the impact made on the lives of so many families that are a part of Badger Nation.

Our goal is to raise $265,000 for the completion of the project.  If you have not given to the campaign, please consider a gift today to celebrate our esteemed Director of the Lower and Middle School, Janet M. Cozine.

You can pledge here:

Donate to the Janet M. Cozine Auditorium,

pay via Text2Fund by texting Badgers to 71760,

pay via Paypal at 

or send a check made payable to The Craig School.  





Craig School Emergency Contact System:  The Craig School uses a multi-tiered communication system that provides to our families, the highest level of certainty that you are made aware of any change in the opening or closing status of Craig Lower Middle School and Craig High.  Our various communication tiers include:  

  • Craig Notification Call System:  The Craig Notification call is a voice activated system so you need to say HELLO once and allow the system to activate.  If you say HELLO followed by another HELLO in rapid succession, the system will not activate and not start the recorded message.  If you are unable to take the call, it will leave a message. 
  • School Email Blast:  We will send out an email blast to all of our families and students.  Keep in mind that emails are dependent on the internet so if that’s down, so are emails.
  • Text  Dr. Cap:  As a last resort to check school status, you can always text Dr. Cap at (973)534-9054.   


DROP IN OPEN OFFICE HOURS with Dr. Loftin, Head of School

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday- LS/MS Campus  2:00pm -3:00pm

Thursday - High School Campus - 2:00pm- 3:00pm

These hours are open for parents to schedule a meeting, drop in and discuss any issues or concerns or to just say hello.





Giving at Craig

For more information on ways of giving or to make a donation online you can clicking here.


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