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HS Week of April 25th



It was great to see our school community back from Spring Break safe and sound and ready to officially kick off our 3rd trimester.  This week we highlight our 10th grade writing class, wrap up our cross campus TREX recycling program, welcome back our LD Wall of Fame, and open the ordering window for May Lunch Delivery.  Enjoy the April showers and their potential payoff in May.

Dr. Cap


Friday, April 22nd-Tuesday, April 26th  

CSHS May Lunch Ordering Window Opens (


Tuesday, April 26th 

Badger Softball Practice (3-4:45 PM Etta Konner Field, Montville)




The LD Wall of Fame project will begin this week for the 9th grade Social Dynamics class.  An annual, unique project where students select a well known person of their choice who is recognized for their talents in their area of fame (actor/actress, athlete, singer, politician, inventor, businessman etc.) and also lives with a learning disability.  

Students will learn about their chosen person through a systematic process of research, outline writing all which culminates with a poster.   

The goal of the LD Wall of Fame project is for our students to realize that despite having additional struggles in an area of academics or attention etc. that it should not stop them from working towards their goals and dreams for their future!  

Poster boards will be displayed upon completion at the entrance of our school for all to see!


Craig School Top 20 NJ School in TREX Nationwide Recycling Program:  Last week, we wrapped up our annual TREX nationwide PLASTIC and WRAPS recycling program.  After 6 months of collecting bubble wrap, grocery bags, newspaper sleeves and cleaning out those kitchen drawers where you just naturally shove all of the plastic bags, we are proud to share along with our Mountain Lakes campus, we collected and recycled over 150lbs of plastic that otherwise would have ended up in landfill and taken hundreds of years to decompose!  Instead, our plastic recycling was turned into composite decking which is made of 95% recycled wood and plastic.  

CSHS National Honor Society Adding Our Last Few Plastic Bags! 


In addition, our school placed 14th in the state of NJ as we joined over 1000 other schools from around the country to bring greater awareness to our students on how we can be an active participant in protecting and preserving our planet.  




Faulty Appreciation Week is just around the corner!

Monday, May 2nd - Friday, May 6th PACS has planned some wonderful events and treats for our fantastic teachers and staff to show our appreciation for all that they do! In addition, you can help PACS celebrate our teachers and faulty…so please feel free to show the teachers appreciation with a more personal expression from you and your child.

Monday: Candy Buffet in the Staff Lounge at the LS/MS and HS

Tuesday: Cookies in the Staff Lounge at the LS/MS and HS

Wednesday: Colonial Food Truck - Lunch provided at the HS Campus

Thursday: Colonial Food Truck - Lunch provided at the LS/MS Campus

Friday: Doughnuts and Coffee in the Staff Lounge at the LS/MS and HS


Parents and friends who wish to volunteer and lend a hand with Faulty Appreciation Week should contact Angelina Bright, PACS President, 


Log onto our store, browse our items, order for your student and your family and The Craig School receives 20% of the order! All of the proceeds from this go towards the community events that we have planned throughout the year for you and your students to enjoy!


PACS Executive Committee information along with membership forms are on our website.

It is not too late to join our membership drive, please email Angelina Bright, PACS PRESIDENT at





It's time to enroll in The Craig School Summer Academy!  Please fill out the registration form to enroll your child in the full-day or half-day program. The dates of the Summer Academy are July 5th- 28th and 29th, depending on whether your child is enrolling in the morning or afternoon program. Prices and times for the camp are on the registration form.  Spaces are limited for the Summer Academy, so please enroll right away. Click this link for a full description of the program.


If you have any questions regarding re-enrollment or The Summer Academy, please reach out to Nicole Moon in the Admissions office.   (973) 334 1234.




Writing Historical Fiction:  In Mrs. Gallagher's Writing course, our 10th grade recently completed their historical fiction short story unit.  Students began by researching an event or time period which interested them with a research focus on culture, setting, and any issues that they thought might make their story more exciting. 

After gathering their background information, they turned to creating character sketches.  These character sketches encourage building round characters and guided their thinking towards potential plots. The final steps were a careful weaving of history and fiction.  The result was an impressive variety of historical fiction stories that are guaranteed to take their readers on an adventure through history.  Authors, titles, and time periods included: 

  • Peter: The Battle of Actium 31 BC
  • Sam: The Mongol Invasion 1223 CE
  • Nate: Alexander the Great 330s BC
  • Maleia: The Girl Who Saved Athens 431 BC
  • Evan: Surviving the Holocaust 1940s
  • Alyssa: The Journey of Two Best Friends- Wordsworth and Coleridge early 19th Century
  • Grace: The Great Depression 1940s
  • Halle: The Spanish-American War late 1800s

Badger Softball is Back: We shared this news last week but it is so good that we are re-sharing for a second week! After a two-year hiatus, we are excited to announce that Badger Softball is back.  Working with the town of Montville, we have secured our field for the season.  It is the Etta Konner Park in Pine Brook (Directions to Field) which is 3 miles from the Craig School High School (right off Changebridge Road).  Coach Norton will be taking point and practices will be the following Tuesdays from 3-4:45 PM:

  • April 26th 
  • May 3rd 
  • May 10th

We are looking to schedule a home game in later April, or early May.  We will keep you posted.  Any questions contact Coach Norton at 



TUESDAY, June 21 at Ballyowen Golf Club!

Registration at  Craig School Golf Outing Registration and learn more about the event at  Our Annual Golf Outing is looking for support!  You can join us for golf, sponsor a faculty member, join us for dinner or even become a tee box sponsor!   Information about how you can help with our Golf Outing Auction will be forthcoming.  Please reach out to Katie Burke, Director of Development, at if you have any questions. I hope you'll join us for this fun day on the links!


Thank you for all of your support for the Janet M. Cozine Auditorium renovation. We are grateful to everyone who has contributed to this project, and for those who have gotten involved and shared their experiences at The Craig School.


Our campaign continues and as of today we have raised $165,000 with gifts from every constituency of the school: students, parents, faculty, staff, former faculty, alumni, alumni parents, and grandparents. A testament to Janet's 42 year career and the impact made on the lives of so many families that are a part of Badger Nation.


Our goal is to raise $265,000 for the completion of the project.  If you have not given to the campaign, please consider a gift today to celebrate our esteemed Director of the Lower and Middle School, Janet M. Cozine.



You can pledge here:

Donate to the Janet M. Cozine Auditorium,

pay via Text2Fund by texting Badgers to 71760,

pay via Paypal at 

or send a check made payable to The Craig School.  



The Craig School will be hosting a walk on Saturday, May 21, 2022 to honor Janet M. Cozine’s 42-year career at The Craig School with this school-wide celebration!


Activities will kick off at 10:00 am with music and greetings followed by a stroll down the Boulevard with Janet as well as our students, parents, alumni, alumni parents, and friends.  After the event, we will meet back on campus for more festivities and refreshments, which includes the Kona Ice Truck!  All participants will be eligible for prizes that day.  


We would love to see you and your families joining us on this special day to celebrate the one and only Janet  M. Cozine.

To let us know that you will be joining us:


or  contact me at or 973-334-1234 ext. 229.



Ordering CHS Lunch Delivery for May:  The ordering window for our May Lunch Delivery Program opens today through next Tuesday, April 26th.  To re-order lunches go to  If you have any questions, reach out to our CHS Lunch Program Chair and CHS Parent, Amanda Jahn at

Craig School Emergency Contact System:  The Craig School uses a multi-tiered communication system that provides to our families, the highest level of certainty that you are made aware of any change in the opening or closing status of Craig Lower Middle School and Craig High.  Our various communication tiers include:  

  • Craig Notification Call System:  The Craig Notification call is a voice activated system so you need to say HELLO once and allow the system to activate.  If you say HELLO followed by another HELLO in rapid succession, the system will not activate and not start the recorded message.  If you are unable to take the call, it will leave a message. 
  • School Email Blast:  We will send out an email blast to all of our families and students.  Keep in mind that emails are dependent on the internet so if that’s down, so are emails.
  • Text  Dr. Cap:  As a last resort to check school status, you can always text Dr. Cap at (973)534-9054.   


DROP IN OPEN OFFICE HOURS with Dr. Loftin, Head of School

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday- LS/MS Campus  2:00pm -3:00pm

Thursday - High School Campus - 2:00pm- 3:00pm

These hours are open for parents to schedule a meeting, drop in and discuss any issues or concerns or to just say hello.





Giving at Craig

For more information on ways of giving or to make a donation online you can clicking here.


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