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HS Week of March 7th



The state has lifted the mask mandate and our county CALI scores are moderate and some of the lowest in NJ so yes, on Monday, March 7th our mask policy will change.  But in order to support that change and to continue to keep our school cohort safe, here is what won’t change-

  • Maintaining social distance awareness (3 ft) 
  • Facing one direction during break and lunch
  • Following the Hallway and Stairwell Directionality (one way travel between periods-little more latitude during class periods)
  • Handwashing and sanitizing still a must 
  • Weekly Testing will continue 


In consultation with the Montville Township Health Office, and in accordance with the NJDOH guidelines, the practices for identifying close contacts and the current timelines for quarantine and isolation shall remain in place. Also, please know that if any of our kids do choose to mask, they will not mask alone!  We are still in this together and although we are in a much better place, we will continue to be smart, supportive, and universal in our commitment to each other.  Here is to another great week at Craig High!

Dr. Cap



Tuesday, March 8th    

CSHS Hoops Practice (3-4:30 PM) 


Wednesday, March 9th  

Afterschool Bowling Intramural League (4:30 PM Pick Up, Boonton Lanes)


Thursday, March 10th 

Winter Stepping Out-Snow Tubing at CampGaw (6:45PM Pick Up at CSHS)


Monday, March 14th 

Afterschool Art Studio (3:15-4:15 PM) 


Tuesday, March 15th    

CSHS Hoops Practice (3-4:30 PM) 


Wednesday, March 16th 

FINAL Afterschool Bowling Intramural League (4:30 PM Pick Up, Boonton Lanes)


Wednesday, March 16th

College Counseling Webinar


Monday, March 21st  

Afterschool Art Studio (3:15-4:15 PM) 


Tuesday, March 22nd   

CSHS Hoops Practice (3-4:30 PM) 


Wednesday, March 23rd to Friday, March 25th

12PM Closes for Trimester Exams and Virtual Parent-Teacher Conferences 


Monday, March 28th 

Afterschool Art Studio (3:15-4:15 PM) 


Tuesday, March 29th 

2nd Trimester Report Cards Coming Home



March Parent-Teacher Conferences

Towards the end of March (W-Fr, March 23-25),  CSHS will be hosting our Winter Virtual Parent-Teacher Conferences.  Similar to our December Conferences, you will have a choice of a one-hour block in either the morning or afternoon and the opportunity to Zoom with your teen’s teachers one-on-one.  Days and Hour-Blocks to choose from are:


WEDS, March 23rd   






THURS, March 24th 






FRI, March 25th  



To schedule a virtual conference, you can email Mrs. Maas at or call CSHS at (973)334-1234. Once we have set our schedule, we will send you the necessary zoom links and specific times that you will follow during your conference block.  Also, let Mrs. Maas know if you would like to touch base with any of our CSHS specialists (Mrs. Blount, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Skerker, Mrs. Henry (Thurs ONLY)) and we will do our best to schedule them right before or after your one hour PT block.  



On Tuesday, February 22nd your child's re-enrollment contract for the 2022-2023 school year will be emailed to all parents.  Please log in and electronically sign the contract and submit it. Contracts are due back by March 14, 2022.  


It's time to enroll in The Craig School Summer Academy!  Please fill out the registration form to enroll your child in the full-day or half-day program. The dates of the Summer Academy are July 5th- 28th and 29th, depending on whether your child is enrolling in the morning or afternoon program. Prices and times for the camp are on the registration form.  Spaces are limited for the Summer Academy, so please enroll right away. Click this link for a full description of the program.


If you have any questions regarding re-enrollment or The Summer Academy, please reach out to Nicole Moon in the Admissions office.   (973) 334 1234.







11th Grade English Study Edgar Allen Poe:  Our 11th graders recently read Edgar Allan Poe's short story, The Pit and the Pendulum.   Written in 1824, it is a powerful first-person narrative inside the mind of a man imprisoned during the Spanish Inquisition.  It is said by many readers to be one of the most effective pieces of literature at inspiring fear because of its uncanny ability to impact our five senses while reading it!.  

After reviewing the story and embracing their inspired fear, our students discussed the literary concepts of suspense and the power of sensory language. They then used these discussions to develop and create movie posters that would capture the story’s essence and entice people to the movie theater.  Each original poster includes a reimagined film title, current actors and their roles in the film, and subtle insights into the story.  Their movie posters are on display in our 2nd-floor English Department Wing!  

View our photos in our gallery.





Badger Hoops Home Opener:  The 2022  Basketball team started their season off with an exciting inter-squad battle last week. The 31-27 contest was an exciting one as they played in front of a live crowd for the first time in 2 years.  Junior Captain's CJ (15 points, 8 rebounds) and Luke D (11 points, 4 rebounds) led their squads in points, followed by Sophomore Nate (10 points, 4 rebounds) and junior Matt (8 points, 1 rebound). Great defense was on display for both teams shown by Junior Captain Josh (2 points, 10 rebounds), Sophomore Sam (4 points, 10 rebounds), and Junior's Luke E (6 points, 5 points) and Ben (14 rebounds).  

Big thank you to our student and teacher fans and all of our parents that were able to come out and cheer on the Badgers! 

View our photos.



Winter Sports-Intramural Bowling Week Two Update: Our Intramural Bowling League rolls on in our week two update.  Based on last week's bowling scores, our bowlers have been placed into two separate divisions: The I CAN” T BELIEVE IT'S NOT GUTTER Division and the THAT'S HOW WE ROLL Division.  Over the course of this week's bowling session and next, we will take the weekly scores and update our weekly rankings.  On week 4, we will host our end-of-the-season bowling battle royale tourney and crown champs for each division. 

View our photos.









As the temperatures begin to rise and our desire to be outside increases, consider registering to spend the day on one of the most beautiful golf courses in New Jersey while supporting your favorite school!  Registration is now open for our Annual Golf Outing which will occur on Tuesday, June 21st at Ballyowen Golf Club in Hamburg.  There are various levels of support including sponsoring a faculty member, joining us for dinner and the auction or sponsoring a tee.  Use this link to register: Craig School Golf Outing Registration and learn more about the event at  Information about how you can help with our Golf Outing Auction will be forthcoming.  Please reach out to Katie Burke, Director of Development, at if you have any questions. I hope you'll join us for this fun day on the links!


A Walk to Honor Janet M. Cozine

Saturday, May 21, 2022

You can also share our campaign mission with others on social media, ask your company for a matching gift, or speak to others that may be interested in the Janet M. Cozine Auditorium.


Thank you again for your support of The Craig School.






Ordering  Lunch Delivery for April: 

  To register to place orders or to re-order,  go to  


Just an FYI that next month (our April food orders), MyFoodDays will be adding a 99¢ per order processing fee.  Previously, this charge was only applied if an order was under $25.  Even with the fee, they are still the best deal in the online food ordering industry for schools.  If you have any questions, reach out to our  Lunch Program Chair and Parent, Amanda Jahn at 


Craig School Emergency Contact System:  The Craig School uses a multi-tiered communication system that provides to our families, the highest level of certainty that you are made aware of any change in the opening or closing status of Craig Lower Middle School and Craig High.  Our various communication tiers include:  

  • Craig Notification Call System:  The Craig Notification call is a voice activated system so you need to say HELLO once and allow the system to activate.  If you say HELLO followed by another HELLO in rapid succession, the system will not activate and not start the recorded message.  If you are unable to take the call, it will leave a message. 
  • School Email Blast:  We will send out an email blast to all of our families and students.  Keep in mind that emails are dependent on the internet so if that’s down, so are emails.
  • Text  Dr. Cap:  As a last resort to check school status, you can always text Dr. Cap at (973)534-9054.   


DROP IN OPEN OFFICE HOURS with Dr. Loftin, Head of School

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday- LS/MS Campus  2:00pm -3:00pm

Thursday - High School Campus - 2:00pm- 3:00pm

These hours are open for parents to schedule a meeting, drop in and discuss any issues or concerns or to just say hello.





Giving at Craig

For more information on ways of giving or to make a donation online you can clicking here.


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