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HS Week of October 18th



Virtual learning was a long and challenging road for many students, teachers, and parents.  The complexities of technology, planning, and engagement took its toll on all of us but we made it through!  We feel very fortunate that as a school community, we have been “live” and providing a semblance of normalcy for our students for the past two school years.  

Part of that school normalcy is the occasional sick day or absence for our students.  On those rare occasions, we will provide some school work updates on their Google Classroom but will not be providing Virtual instruction.  Virtual is reserved for COVID related situations and more extended absences that are coordinated in advance through our nurse and main office.  We feel, if a student is not feeling well enough to attend school live, chances are they need some time to focus on feeling better.  We want to make sure they get that.   

Dr. Cap



Saturday, October 16th

XC Team: Beavertown 5K (Lincoln Park, 9 AM)


Sunday, October 24th 

XC Team: New Beginnings for Tomorrow 5K (Fairfield, 9AM)


Tuesday, October 26th 

PSAT (11th Grade Only)


Wednesday, October 27th 

Picture Day!


Wednesday, October 27th

SAVE THE DATE - Postsecondary Planning in the Age of COVID Webinar (7PM). Stay tuned for sign ups! 


Thursday, October 28th

1st Trimester Progress Reports Coming Home


Thursday, October 28th 

Annual “Great Pumpkin” Entries Due 


Friday, October 29th  

Annual High School Halloween Bash: “Great Pumpkin” Winners Announced and Halloween Costume Contest 





Hello Craig Parents!

Our annual Trunk or Treat is taking place Friday, October 29th @ 1:00pm.  Your child/children can either come to school dressed in the morning or bring their costume to school and change after lunch.

If you would like to participate in the Trunk or Treat and will be decorating your trunk and handing out candy, please sign up via (please see the link below). Also, please be in the parking lot by 12:30 to set up your trunk.  Please make sure to have nut free treats. There will be someone coming around to refill your candy supply when needed.  

Parking spots are not assigned, so you may pull into the next available spot (leaving ½ space empty between cars please).  

If you would like to donate (nut free) candy to our Trunk or Treat, please bring it in to the office no later than October 22, 2021. We look forward to a Spooktacular Trunk or Treat!


PACS’ Spooky Committee

November 23, 2021  GrandFriends Day at Lower School

December 17th, 2021 Winter Wonderland 

 PACS-  HS Events

  • Friday, October 29th - Annual High School Halloween Bash - PACS sponsors prizes to the winners
  • December 8-10 - Tri-mester Treats during exams - organized by PACS for CSHS
  • Friday December 17 - Winter Spirit Day - PACS sponsored breakfast for CSHS


Log onto our store, browse our items, order for your student and your family and The Craig School receives 20% of the order! All of the proceeds from this go towards the community events that we have planned throughout the year for you and your students to enjoy!


PACS Executive Committee information along with membership forms are on our website.

It is not too late to join our membership drive, please email Angelina Bright, PACS PRESIDENT at





Postsecondary Planning in the Age of COVID Webinar

 October 27th, 7pm- :  Join us for our first College Counseling webinar for the 2021-2022 school year, Postsecondary Planning in the Age of COVID Webinar! 

Lindsey Skerker, Director of College Counseling and Placement at The Craig School will walk us through some of the sweeping changes to the college admissions & post-high school landscape that have occurred since 2020. One silver lining that we will certainly focus on will be the vast move to "test-optional" or "test-blind" admissions policies. This year, upwards of 80% of colleges do not require SAT or ACT scores as part of the college application process. We will examine how this will impact future generations of students, and how this will hopefully remain a more holistic process, which will surely benefit our LD student population. 

Stay tuned for sign ups! 



Middle School parents are invited to our in-person Open House on our High School Campus in Montville, Wednesday, October 20th. The Open House begins at 9 am.  Please RSVP to Nicole Moon, Director of Admission, 

The Craig School High School, 24 Changebridge Road. Montville, NJ 07045

To learn more




Emotional Intelligence  

Students in Mrs. Brown’s Social Dynamics at The Craig High School are  learning about Emotional Intelligence.  Brought to the public by psychologist Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence or EQ refers to the ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict.  


This topic is an extremely important one that is not always directly taught anymore in school- especially at the high school level.  As a class, we will be focusing on the different aspects of EQ, the importance of understanding our own emotions along with recognizing others and having empathy and building better communication to start and strengthen relationships.  There are 4 core areas of EQ which are, Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management.  Below is a chart that gives a better visual of EQ and these important categories:


CSHS Chemistry: The Pumpkin Tower Lab 

In Mrs. Bhakta’s 11th grade Chemistry classes, students used the scientific process to complete a true October science lab, “The Pumpkin Tower''.  The goal was to design the tallest pumpkin tower made from toothpicks and candy pumpkins.  The criteria was that it must be stable and able to stand on its own pumpkin merit.  

When creating their towers, students began by hypothesizing the layout and design plan that would allow them to achieve the goal of stability.  They observed each other and the various unique approaches and design attempts, experimented with their chosen approach, tested its stability, and based on the data gathered, modified their approach and re-hypothesized using what worked and what did not.  Our winning tower reached a staggering pumpkin-toothpick height of 21 cm and was able to stand on its own.  It might even be still standing! 

(Pics in gallery)


CSHS XC Running Annual Beavertown 5K in Lincoln Park for 15th Year:  This Saturday, the Cross Country team runs in their first live 5K of the season, the Lincoln Park Beavertown 5K.   This race has been an annual tradition for the Craig High Cross Country Team for the past 15 years and we welcome all members of the Craig Community to join us.  You can register at Beavertown5K through Wednesday, October 13th.  Check in starts at 8AM at PAL/Community Ctr, 10 Boonton Tpke, Lincoln Park with race time at 9AM.  (Pic from last year’s race in gallery)




Thank you to all of you that joined us at the 2nd Annual Drive-In Movie!  Over 50 families joined us to watch Space Jam. We are grateful to  PACS and to all those who provided the snacks for us to enjoy.  What an amazing community event! Go Badgers!



DROP IN OPEN OFFICE HOURS with Dr. Loftin, Head of School

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday- LS/MS  2:00pm -3:00pm

Thursday - High School Campus - 2:00pm- 3:00pm

These hours are open for parents to schedule a meeting, drop in and discuss any issues or concerns or to just say hello



All absences and late arrivals should be reported to our main office.  Please send an email to Deborah Maas OR call the office at  973-334-1234 x 300 before 7:30 a.m.



Giving at Craig

For more information on ways of giving or to make a donation online you can clicking here.


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