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LS/MS Week of April 26, 2021



Dear Craig Families,

In the beginning of March, the middle school students started a project on black and white portrait drawing, taking a very different perspective since their lessons were based on the Element of Art, Value. Understanding Value in art, which is the range from light to dark, is a very important element, helping the artist build something from 2D to 3D through shading. The students began by learning the Value scale and then just practiced shading. From there they were taught the pencil scale, the higher the “B” number, the softer the pencil, the more the shading. Students also watched many short clips on shading including one of Mrs. Kutcher doing a portrait of her own daughter. Everyone was finally ready to decide their subject, a self-portrait or person of choice. 

First, the students found a picture of their chosen subject. The pictures had to be clear and crisp with a good value scale. All portraits would be black and white with shades of grey. Once the students had their pictures they traced the outline of the face using graphite paper. Graphite paper left the image on their paper which helped to make sure the proportions were correct. Mrs. Kutcher reinforced, “You are drawing what you see, not what you know.” The foundation of the drawing was started, and now came the time to render (add shading) and make it come to life! By rendering it (adding shadow and value) their 2-dimensional drawing turned into a 3-dimensional drawing. The students continued their next lesson adding value by using 3-6 B pencils, tortillon stumps, and kneaded & white erasers. They learned to sketch lightly and gradually adding value by controlling their pencil pressure. After our Spring break, the students were encouraged to look at their portraits with “fresh eyes.” That gave everyone a great opportunity to add finishing touches.

The finished projects are now hanging in our cafeteria. They are amazing! I wish you all could see them in person, but for now, please find the portraits by clicking the link below! ( It may take a moment to load but well worth the wait!)



Janet Cozine



Monday, April 26 - Plant Sale Orders Due 



The 4th Annual Leadership Council Plant Sale is on! The flowers are spectacular and priced competitively. Orders are due Monday April 26. They will be delivered Thursday May 6th just in time for Mothers day gifts and plantings! Pick up is between 3:15-4:30. Click on this link, 4th Annual Plant Sale  to view and print the form . Please make checks payable to The Craig School. Anyone can purchase, you do not need to be a Craig family so please share with your friends and family! If you have any questions contact Laura Given


Upcoming events:

  • Postcard Buddies ⅚ Grade and Leadership  - 4/23 Create postcards for St. Francis residents and deliver.
  • Read aloud with 2-4 grade students and Leaders  4/30
  • Leadership is  currently working on Teacher Appreciation Week!  May 3- 7 


Talent Show

The Talent Show is back and open to all students at both The Craig High School and The Craig Lower/Middle School. We are so excited to offer this opportunity to our students. We will work through a Google Classroom.  If you are interested,  please email Mr. Furlong at and a Google Classroom link  will be provided to you. 

Quick Facts on Talent Show:

  • The Show is Virtual
  • All acts must be approved 
  • Students will summit 2 to 3 min videos
  • The videos, once complete, will be featured in the show
  •  The Show will take place on Friday, June 4th (6:00 pm)
  • Mr. Furlongs email 


The Craig School Summer Academy in grades 2-12. 

The Craig School Lower and Middle School program will be in person on our Mt Lakes Campus.  The Craig High School Summer Academy will offer either in person or virtual learning on our Montville Campus.

 The enrichment program for both divisions will located on the Mountain Lakes Campus.  Please see the registration forms for times, dates and cost.  Spaces are limited and we need you registration form ASAP to hold your child's spot.   Please do not delay and come join us for a great summer program!    

Registration forms at



Scavenger Hunt

Ms. DellaFave’s second and third-grade students had a blast participating in a Customary Measurement Scavenger Hunt. They searched for specific items around their classroom/house and used a ruler to measure those items in inches. Scavenger Hunts allow students to practice problem-solving in a tangible way. It helps to reinforce and act out methods they have been taught in a physical way, leading to increased retention of the lessons. 

Visit our gallery to view our photos!



Records are made to be broken to be broken! The Cross Country team has 38 Badgers and counting. This is a new Craig School record.  All Badgers should have the following items to run:

  • Sneakers
  • Water Bottle
  • Comfortable clothes 
  • A good attitude


 Please email Mr. Furlong with questions.



Dates the Week of April 26th


Monday, April 26th


Wednesday, April 28th


Thursday, April 29th


If your child is leaving early, not coming to Homework Help or will be virtual and wants to participate in Homework Help, please contact Mrs. Butter by email at or via call/text message on the Homework Help hotline 1-862-207-9863. Thanks!




We are off to a great start!!!  One of the ways that you can help insure that The Craig School Golf Outing/Auction, which will be our biggest fundraiser of the year, is a success is by donating items to the Auction through our Amazon Wish List!   The Amazon Wish List is similar to a gift/wedding registry – there are an assortment of items of varying price levels available for you to purchase for the Silent Auction which will be delivered directly to the Blue House.   Should you decide to purchase an item(s) through the Amazon Wish List, please make sure all items are at the Blue House by May 15th and please list yourself as the donor so we can properly give you credit for your donation(s). 

See our photo gallery of Dr. Loftin enjoying the AMAZON WISHLIST PROMOTION.


Make sure you are logged into your Amazon Smile account, so Craig received the benefit of your shopping!

Click here:

Please send purchases directly to Craig at 10 Tower Hill Road, Mountain Lakes, NJ 07046 Attn:  Katie Burke.

QUESTIONS?  Please contact Amanda Jahn at or Katie Burke at


Golf/Auction Save The Date

Join us on Tuesday, June 15th for the 15th Annual Craig School Golf Outing!  This year in addition to the golf outing, non-golfers can sign-up for a wine tasting and/or spa services while at Ballyowen.  There is also a special hotel rate available!  After golf (or wine/spa), all will come together  for cocktails, dinner and our virtual Auction (which is available to those who are unable to attend as well!)  it is sure to be fun for all and will be a great way to support our Craig students.

Look for our invitation and sign up next week!


Covid Fundraiser- Thank you for your continued support.





Below are the schedules for your reference.

Half Day and Delayed Opening Schedule Rotation



Please send an email to Kimberly McGroarty OR call our Main Line (973-334-4375 X101) for student absences before 7:30 a.m. We need to know:


(a) If your child is absent and is unable to attend virtually. This student will be marked “Absent.” OR


(b) If your child is absent AND attending classes virtually. This student will be marked “Present.”



Giving at Craig

For more information on ways of giving to Craig, please contact Katie Burke, Director of Development, at 973-334-1234 or make a donation online by clicking here.


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