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LS/MS Week of May 24, 2021



Dear Craig Families,
As you drove through the carline last week you were probably wondering what those shiny pizza boxes were doing in the middle of The Craig School lawn. Mr. Finn’s sixth grade science classes could have easily answered that question; those were solar ovens. As part of the heat and energy unit, the students learned about the transfer of energy from the sun. Prior to making the ovens, the students studied how solar ovens used solar energy - light and heat emitted from the sun to cook food. They learned that solar cookers benefit the environment by using clean, renewable, and readily available solar energy as fuel, thus preserving our national resources.

At the culmination of the unit, students made their own solar ovens. That in itself was another learning experience on understanding why select household materials were used. Why cover the flap of the pizza box with tin foil? Foil reflects sunlight into the oven. Why use black paper on the bottom of the oven? Black paper absorbs the sun’s energy where white paper would have reflected it. Does plastic wrap reflect heat? The plastic wrap provides insulation so the heat couldn’t escape. It’s best to use your oven between 11 am - 2 pm because that is when the sun’s rays are strongest.

There are lots of reasons to learn how to make a solar oven. The more motivational one was the reward of making a hot yummy food. Our sixth graders made their own S’mores which were ready for them to eat at lunchtime.

Parents if you are interested in making a solar oven at home you can log into your child’s science google classroom to find out the materials and procedures. Maybe as a family, you can experiment and make chocolate fondue! Stay tuned for our next unit on the weather where your children will design and build hurricane houses.

Janet Cozine


Thursday, May 27, 2021: Last Day of Spring Cross County

Friday, May 28: 12:00 Dismissal (Faculty Forum)
Monday, May 31: School Closed (Memorial Day)
Friday, June 4: The Craig School Talent Show (6:00 pm)
Monday, June 7: Trimester III Goals and Objectives emailed to parents
Wednesday, June 16: Awards Assembly (1:00 pm) Grades 3-7
Thursday, June 17: 12:00 Dismissal (Badger Spirit Day!)
Thursday, June 17: Last day for grades 2-7
Friday, June 18: 8th Grade Graduation
Friday, June 18: Trimester III Report Cards emailed to parents



All students enrolled for The Summer Academy and the Fall 2021-2022 school year were emailed required health forms.  If you did not receive the email with the attached forms, please reach out to Nicole Moon, Director of Admission. or Nurse, Ellen Meisenbacher


Last week Mr. Cordero’s 5th-grade class began their statistics unit. The students first learned how to calculate averages using data sets pulled from real-life scenarios. Students used their own test scores and were able to calculate their test average in anticipation of their upcoming report card. The students were so excited! Some even claimed, “now it all makes sense”. The students were also introduced to median, mode, and range in order to successfully analyze numerical data. This unit helped students associate numbers with real-life data which will prepare them for their upcoming graphing unit.


Our Badgers are improving each week. Please check out The Squadlocker Spring Cross Country gear. Use the link below. Go Badgers!!!


Schedule Week of May 24th

Monday, May 24th

Wednesday, May 26th

Thursday, May 27th

If your child is leaving early, not coming to Homework Help, or will be virtual and wants to participate in Homework Help, please contact Mrs. Butter by email at or via call/text message on the Homework Help hotline 1-862-207-9863. Thanks!


The Craig School’s Annual
Fundraising Event
Tuesday, June 15th.

This year we have created an event that everyone can enjoy. We are incredibly excited about this opportunity to gather together in support of Craig. Here are some ways that you can help to make this our most successful event to date:

GOLF: Sign up to golf at Ballyowen on Tuesday, June 15th. Bring your friends, bring your neighbor, bring your brother or sister and join us for lunch, golf and dinner!

PAMPERING OR WINE TASTING: If you’re not a golfer, come on up for lunch and enjoy a massage, manicure, pedicure or even a wine tasting. Sign up for dinner too and enjoy the company of others with an affinity for Craig.

DINNER: If you have previous commitments during the day, head to Ballyowen for dinner and the opportunity to meet new friends.

TEE BOX SPONSOR: If none of these options work out for you, sponsor a Tee Box which will be displayed on the course during the day. It’s a great way to honor a Craig School teacher or faculty member or even proudly flaunt the name of your student or graduate.

AMAZON WISHLIST: Purchasing items from our Amazon Wish List is always a fun and easy way to contribute to the fundraiser. You’ll be amazed at how your Amazon donations get transformed into fun packages that result in lots of bidding!

As the date of the Annual Golf Outing/Auction gets closer we will have an online auction that all can participate in. You’ll be able to bid on an assortment of items while at Ballyowen or from the comfort of your home.

Thank you and I hope to see you up at Ballyowen on Tuesday, June 15th!

Register Here!

If you have any questions or would like to be more involved, please contact me at or 973.334.1295 ext. 229.


Below are the schedules for your reference.
Half Day and Delayed Opening Schedule Rotation

Please send an email to Kimberly McGroarty OR call our Main Line (973-334-4375 X101) for student absences before 7:30 a.m. We need to know:

(a) If your child is absent and is unable to attend virtually. This student will be marked “Absent.” OR

(b) If your child is absent AND attending classes virtually. This student will be marked “Present.”


Giving at Craig

For more information on ways of giving to Craig, please contact Katie Burke, Director of Development, at 973-334-1234 or make a donation online by clicking here.


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