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LS/MS Week of September 20, 2021



Dear Craig Families,

The first week of school has been such a success. Having already gone through a full school year with COVID requirements has made this year’s start seamless. Although I may not be able to see those smiles, I know our students are happy just the same!

There have been many nice additions to The Craig program, which I plan to write about weekly. One near and dear to my heart, is the addition of performance arts.  As you look at your child’s schedule you will notice that they have either music or drama. We all know that Craig has a strong academic program, a well-developed art curriculum, and many after school sports options, but historically performing arts has been lacking. By piloting drama and music classes on a small scale, we can evaluate and expand the programs each year. Students who may be challenged by reading and writing often respond more positively to the imaginative and multi-sensory learning offered by drama and music. This in turn will help them develop such skills as creativity, inquiry, communication, cooperation, and even leadership.

Mrs. Tlack, our drama teacher will begin by getting the students comfortable with the dramatic elements such as emotion, projection, articulation, and body language. Quoting Mrs. Tlack “It’s not what you say, but how you say it.” Throughout the year she will be moving into monologues and then skits. Drama class will give our students opportunities to explore and express their emotions in a supportive environment. It encourages them to think and act creatively.

Mr. Snowdon, a musician himself, will throw his hat into the music ring. The students will delve into different areas of music such as guitar, percussion, and the creation of music through technology. We will be looking to develop foundational knowledge of the students’ abilities as we expand the program for years to come. As educators, we recognize the need to teach students as a whole in order for all students to learn best. Craig’s curriculum must acknowledge children’s multiple intelligences, such as music.

As the school year continues, we will be giving families an opportunity to see what is unfolding in both of these programs. I personally witnessed the second and third grade classes playing a pretty impressive game of charades. Broadway watch out!



Janet Cozine



September 22-24, Wed-Fri - Frost Valley Trip Postponed 

September 22 & 24, Wed & Fri - Badger Soccer Practice (3:00-4:45)

September 21, Tues - Spirit Day, World Peace ~ Wear PURPLE

September 28-30, Tues-Wed - GMADE & GRADE Testing

October 1, Friday - Picture Day


DROP IN OPEN OFFICE HOURS with Dr. Loftin, Head of School

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday- LS/MS  2:00pm -3:00pm

Thursday - High School Campus - 2:00pm- 3:00pm

These hours are open for parents to schedule a meeting, drop in and discuss any issues or concerns or to just say hello



October 13th 7pm (parents) and 15th (faculty) 1pm

Leslie Josel - Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Coach

Late, Lost & Lagging Behind: Demystifying Executive Functions

Executive functioning skills are essential to how we learn and act. They're the brain’s ability to self-regulate, complete tasks, be time aware and remember information.  In essence, they control EVERYTHING we do! Leslie will break down the six pillars of executive functions, including time management, working memory, effort and mood regulation. She’ll highlight the importance of understanding where your student sits on the Executive Age scale, and provide insight in how we can help our students strengthen their EF muscle. Leslie will also detail specific scaffolding, strategies and systems and provide practical solutions using case studies to help support organization, time management, procrastination and focusing weaknesses.

Sign ups will be coming soon.



I was thrilled to see how many students were interested in joining the Council.  If your child is interested but did not submit a contract, tell them to see Mrs. Given. I will give them a contract to fill out. A guardian also needs to sign it. 

 Upcoming dates:

  •  Tuesday, September 21... World Peace Day. This will be our first spirit day. Students are encouraged to wear purple to show support. World Peace day encourages students to think about peace within us, peace in our community and peace in our world. 
  • Tuesday, September 21... Lunch Meeting 
  • Wednesday, September 22... MSU Meeting
  • Thursday September 23... Lunch Meeting 



Welcome to the new year! Our initial membership drive has been so successful and we want to thank everyone that has signed up. We are so happy to offer our Craig Gear Spirit Wear for our community to order. Log onto our store, browse our items, order for your student and you family and The Craig School receives 20% of the order!


Next week we will be sharing the complete calendar of PACS events along with a sign up sheet so everyone has an opportunity to join and become a part of the fun we have planned for our community.

Visit our PACS page for the announcement of our PACS Executive Committee


It is not to late to join our membership drive, please email Angelina Bright, PACS PRESIDENT at




How do we teach our students how to comprehend narrative and expository texts?  At the Craig School, we are committed to using research-based reading comprehension programs.  Project Read Story Form and Project Read Report Form teach our students how to read and organize what they read. These programs utilize multi-sensory learning using the principles of Orton Gillingham.  Our students learn narrative and expository text that require different sets of strategies to read and comprehend.  Project Read Story Form teaches students the elements of plot and how to comprehend narrative text.  Project Read Report Form teaches students to organize and comprehend nonfiction text.  At The Craig School, our Science and Social Studies teachers also use Report Form to help our students navigate textbooks and other content areas reading.  Below are the pictures that show the differences in the structure of fiction and nonfiction. 

Story Form teaches students the structure of narrative text.

Report Form teaches students the structure of nonfiction text.

See our examples in our photo gallery.


BADGER SOCCER - Boys and Girls Grades 5, 6 , 7, & 8

The format for Soccer is the same as with all sports here at The Craig School -

  1. Practices are Wednesdays and Fridays
  2. Games days may vary
  3. Student-athletes are required to commit two days a week to our program
  4. All students must have a current academic year physical on file with the health office to participate
  5. Students must also maintain satisfactory grades in the classroom to be eligible to compete on the team.  Academics must come first
  6. All players will need to order a jersey. The jerseys will come from SquadLocker (see link below)
  7. Email Mr. Furlong, before ordering,  to receive your jersey number at
  8. Soccer Jersey Order Link 

The first three practices will be on September 17,22 & 24, from 3:00 - 4:45 pm.

A full practice and game schedule will be provided at our 1st practice.




We are excited to be offering homework support again this year! All Badger Homework Support forms are due on September 16th but can be submitted until 20th. This will give us time to create groups for your children. The program begins on Monday, September 27th when homework starts.


BHWS Dates - Week of September 27th

Monday, September 27th

Wednesday, September 29th

Thursday, September 30th

If your child is leaving early or not coming to Badger Homework Support, please contact Mrs. Butter by email at or via call/text message on the homework support hotline 1-862-207-9863. Thanks!





At The Craig School High School

Saturday, October 9th, 2021

Arrival 5-5:30

Movie will Begin at Sunset






  • Lunch orders are placed weekly, not monthly, and can be canceled up until 6:00 am on the day of service in the event your child is out sick. (See the Frequently Asked Question tab for detailed information and instructions)  
  • Orders for the upcoming week open each Wednesday and closes on Sunday at 6:00 pm  
  • No Fuss Lunch offers a variety of nut-free and allergy-friendly options for your children

If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact Mary Calvano at





Drop Off

Please schedule student arrival no earlier than 8:00 am. Classes begin at 8:20 am.

Please send an email to Kimberly McGroarty OR call our Main Line (973-334-4375 X101) for student absences before 7:30 a.m. 




Giving at Craig

For more information on ways of giving to Craig, please contact Katie Burke, Director of Development, at 973-334-1234 or make a donation online by clicking here.


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