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Success Stories

He wanted to go to Craig because the teachers understood what he needed…

Our son struggled with his ADD in the public school right through 8th grade. We did the special education route and even hired tutors to try to help him. As the years went on our son lost his self esteem and he hated going to school. It was a battle to get him to school just about every day in 8th grade, he started to shut down, and he was miserable. We learned about The Craig School and as soon as we met with Dr. Caparulo and heard what Craig had to offer, we knew it was where our son had to go for high school. Each potential student spends the day with Craig, and when our son came home that day, he was so happy and told us he wanted to go to Craig because the teachers understood what he needed, that he liked that he could use a computer in class, and liked that the class size was smaller so he could focus better. His exact words were, “They get me.” Hearing those words put tears in our eyes because that was the exact moment when we knew there was hope. The Craig teachers are patient, caring, and are very good at their jobs. The school also has the latest and greatest technology to help the students become successful to reach their full potential. Our child’s personality has done a 180 degree turn after being in Craig for only 6 months: he is happy, his self esteem has improved greatly, and he likes going to school. In the quote by Ignacio Estrada, “If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” Craig is a perfect example of this quote. They did just that, they have methods to teach their students in ways that they can learn, and they do learn and are successful.

We are very grateful to the Craig School.

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