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Tad Jacks’ Wednesday Thoughts


We need to listen more. About one month ago, I had a conversation with someone who told me they have read several pieces about listening. Listening is a broad topic, so I wanted to read some of the same articles, and after reading a few, I have been thinking about what listening means to me.  It means being present when someone is sharing their thoughts and being able to understand and learn from what was shared. If I do not feel good about a situation, I usually find out that I should have listened more. For example, a neighbor will retire in a few days after a long career with the federal government.  He announced some months back that he was going to retire at age 70(which he will be on March 17). His wife was not surprised that he wished to wait until age 70. The reason she cited is that is that he has a list of home projects to do, but he does not have “hobbies”. I did not realize that until I started thinking about what I have talked to him about.   He rarely talks about anything other than home repairs. If I would have listened more, I might have realized that. We all have family matters that require attention, but do we really listen to what is important to them- not what we might think is important. I know I can do better on this front as well.

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