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Tad Jacks’ Wednesday Thoughts


I ride on a train often as my chosen means of transportation. Over the years, I have experienced and seen many different things, but recently I saw something that bothered me. Let me begin with, I can multi-task, but usually I am never multi-tasking when I am talking with someone else- either on the phone, on a video-chat system or in person. My multi-tasking involves only me.  On a train in late 2018, I sat next to a woman in her late twenties. She had a laptop open ( and she was answering messages at a fast rate) on her tray table, a cell phone with headphones( and I could hear the conversation), and a video on her phone. She was jumping between the devices. Here is the problem. With the person on the phone- she was interjecting her frustration with what her laptop screen was showing her in the phone call. She sighed. She grunted. She commented. She was talking to her mother!  On the screen, the video was jumping in and out ( wifi is moving- it is a train!!) .I found myself feeling bad for this woman. How did we get to this state where the only way to accomplish something is by multi-tasking?  I do not believe we have become so busy that we must do the multi-tasking that appears to be unfulfilling. friend. How can we help our children not fall into this trap?

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