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In the middle of October, I attended a workshop focusing on civility.  This is an age-old topic, but schools noticed a few years ago with the speed by which information travels now that students are not learning the skills to be reflective when something comes to them that “does not sit right”.  In fact, I would argue that our society is having a tougher time with this topic. What can we do about it? First, there are multiple websites that help remind us we can be kinder to each other.  It is important for us to share the websites with students as well as some of the best older versions of life lessons. Second, at Craig, we require our Lower and Middle School students to keep their phones with their homeroom teacher during the day, so they are not getting distracted from the instruction during the day. Third, our teachers work on letting each student state their point of view and when there is disagreement, the teacher will often help students see the two sides to the story.  At the workshop, when I heard of the examples of how we could have more civility in schools, I realized at Craig we are mostly there.  We have more work to do, but with a solid base- we have a start.

Deb Gallo


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