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Whole Child Development

Our academic school day, rooted in evidence-based practices for students with language-based learning disabilities, is further enhanced through the incorporation of:

Social and emotional supports and services, to promote a safe and supportive, positive school climate
Mindfulness integration in the lower and middle schools to help our students learn self-regulation and self-awareness along with reducing anxiety
A focus on self-advocacy and becoming an independent learner through our unique “Self” program in the high school division
Time for physical education and creative play, which opens up the mind for learning
A full spectrum of related services, such as occupational therapists, social clinicians, and speech and language pathologists

By focusing on a well-rounded educational experience that addresses all of the support needs of our students, we promote a culture where students are given time to learn the wider skills required of them in a safe and supportive environment, while still being academically engaged and challenged.

This well-rounded educational experience fosters a sense of community, encourages interpersonal skills, problem-solving, goal setting, creativity, autonomy, and self-accountability, by providing pathways for our students to develop a sense of belonging, a sense of themselves, and an awareness of their place in the world around them. 


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