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Belonging: Diversity Equity, and Inclusion at The Craig School

Dear Community and Future Craig School Badgers,

The keys to creating a positive school climate and a community of belonging are relationships.

It is through these relationships that pathways for student voice, choice, and expression emerge, students blossom more fully, and students’ hearts and minds are primed for optimal learning.

Belongingness is built in our hallways and classrooms. The relationships teachers, staff, and administrators form with and among their students, with other teachers and staff members, and with their students’ parents and guardians, forge this fellowship. The Craig School strengthens a student’s sense of belongingness, through actively cultivating respectful and inclusive relationships.

Our hope is for each and every student at The Craig School to experience a strong sense of belonging, of community, and to experience what it is to have a champion. We believe that each unique life experience and background adds value to our community and that collectively we are stronger when we acknowledge, understand, and celebrate both our differences and our commonalities.

When we remove a barrier and allow our students to further understand and embrace their aptitudes and gifts that make them so unique, we remove another barrier to learning, allowing our students to truly shine.

Our need to deepen our understanding, to strengthen this commitment, and to develop more fully how we practice these ideals on a daily basis continues. This statement reflects not only who we are but who we aspire to be as a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and just school community.


The Craig School Administrative Team


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